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    Originally posted by energyman View Post
    which 'crap' is dumped?
    and please tell - how big may grub2 get with all this superfluos crap?
    do we need 1gb boot partitions in the future? 512mb ram - just to boot?
    Quite the opposite is what I'm after - what I was trying to say is that focus and new technologies in the area of OS booting should hopefully lead us to a place where we can dump the BIOS, get rid of any legacy hard-coded delays in hardware initialisation specs, support something like static pre-loadable boot images (like a generic hibernation image), and be able to boot to a clean desktop in 2 seconds

    I think better internationalisation support is a big step in modernising things, as you can probably tell by all the "s"s in this post


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      Originally posted by sabriah View Post
      Good! I am trying to add a new hard drive to my machine, which uses GRUB2. Please, add a link to any description on how to make that work. I am unable to find it anywhere!
      You mean replace the boot drive? Or add a new drive that will also be bootable? A new data-only drive that does not boot doesn't need any grub adjustment.

      If you have a bootable drive already, and you want to be able to boot an OS on a new drive, I believe you would run "grub-setup (hdx,y)" where x is the number of the drive counting from 0 (so if this is your second hd, it would be 1) and y is the partition number starting from 1 (first partition on the disk would be 1).

      Some info, but they made one mistake and said that partitions count from 0. Partitions actually count from 1

      Info is pretty rare and scattered at this point, if you are trying to do something else, or need more help, post here again, or ask on IRC (try ChatZilla for Firefox if you aren't familiar with IRC) irc://


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        Originally posted by KellyClowers View Post
        A new data-only drive that does not boot doesn't need any grub adjustment.

        Thanks for your comment! It is data-only drive that doesn't boot. Good to hear I won't need any grub adjustment.

        I guess the reason why it isn't found in mtab and/or fstab must be found elsewhere.


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          Fork Grub

          ... Linus would do it in a day if someone asked him nicely ;>

          Reallly, Grub project managers are idiots imho. They mouthed
          off - well over 5 years ago - "please don't do anything
          more for Grub 1, it is deprecated". (I've submitted a patch,
          and offerred to help). Well... the vast majority of Linux
          distros use Grub, and numerous bug-fixes and simple features
          have been totally neglected...

          Perhaps there are technical reasons a rewrite was needed,
          but disowning Grub 1 for the last forever is typical GNU
          head-in-their-arse stuff. "And we number everything from
          zero, because that's how it should be". F-ing wankers.
          Sorry for being so flambastic, but can you say "Hurd".

          Yesterday wrote:

          > Firstly, I believe GRUB2 will have better device detection
          > and will support more filesystems than GRUB1. Secondly,
          > I'm not sure how important error handling is. TBH, unless
          > you are constantly reinstalling distros on your system,
          > how often do you play around with GRUB confiugrations?

          What to say... Are you for real ? Go back to windows fanboy
          forums please.

          Kano wrote:

          > GRUB2 seems to be a good replacement for GRUB1, it can boot from cd now,
          > that's what was missing before.

          Thanks for the heads-up. Good to hear :>