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Linux 5.2-rc3 Released Following A Calm Week

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  • Linux 5.2-rc3 Released Following A Calm Week

    Phoronix: Linux 5.2-rc3 Released Following A Calm Week

    Usually for a Linux kernel cycle's third weekly release candidate, it tends to be a bit noisy with a fair amount of regressions getting noticed and ultimately addressed. That's really not been the case with Linux 5.2-rc3 that Linus Torvalds noted is a rather calm release...

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    Don't care much for calm and humdrum code changes.
    Massive, life-changing, bombastic new feature sets. Now that puts the pulse back on track.


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      Careful what you wish for... sometimes a lull means a big changelog next time :-)


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        Resume from suspend *and* hibernation is broken for me in the 5.2-rc series :/


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          Originally posted by ihatemichael

          Did you bisect?
          Eh No. Considering each failure to resume is effectively a hard lockup ( magic sysrq keys do nothing ), and also that I've just rebuilt my system after a hard lockup ( boinc client, setiathome opencl task ) took out a filesystem, I was going to sit this one out and hope that it ... um ... magically fixed itself. If we get to 5.2.1 or 5.2.2 and it's still not fixed ... yeah, ok, I guess I'll have to do that.