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Great Linux Innovations Of 2008

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    The greatest things for me can be considered bugfixes, but we have to wait a lot for these.

    - fglrx support for YUY2 Xv color format. Now I can watch TV on my computer.

    - 64bit java and flash plugin.

    My wishes for the next year:

    - Usable open source ati driver:
    * Xv with YV12 (DVD, Xvid, etc) and YUY2 (TV card) color format
    * 2D acceleration
    * OpenGL support which is enough for Compiz

    - Please Intel, AMD, Nvidia get together and decide the next generation Video Acceleration API. Now we have 4 versions: VDPAU, XvBA, XvMC extensions, VA API. This is ridiculous.


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      KDE4 is by far the biggest linux development of 2008. The development version of 4.2 is already superior to OSX or Vista, and it will only get better. It even spawned Compiz++ which should also improve the desktop experience.

      I wonder why Android doesn't run with Qt by default.

      I have heard rumors of a GNOME 3 and I wish them the best of luck, but I'm definitely sticking with KDE for the foreseeable future. I just hope this means Canonical will give Kubuntu more love.

      For 2009 I want: PackageKit, Gallium3D, KMS, OpenGL 4, Btrfs, and better Coreboot support.

      A year from now I expect to be running a 10 inch multicore netbook with OLED, SSD, and all of the above features preloaded

      Let's get to it!


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        Really Linux Innovations?

        One question to ask is, why KDE, Gimp, Wine and Virtualbox are called "Linux innovations". Those are crossplatform and widely used on other operating systems. Their obviously Linux roots are no longer a factor. KDE team, for one, stated few times that what they dislike is to be closely tied to one operating system.
        Other question is why opensourced hardware drivers are called innovation? I understand that those were big steps and achievments, but please, innovations?
        So I'd rename the list to Great Open/Free Source Achievments of 2008.
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