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Linux 5.1.5 Kernel Fixes The Latest Data Corruption Bug

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    Originally posted by Buntolo View Post

    How do you RAID on desktop then?
    If I used RAID, I'd do it in my storage server.


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      Originally posted by shmerl View Post

      It's also used by default for encrypted setup. Which is more than relevant for laptop users.
      I don't think you need LVM to use LUKS.


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        Originally posted by shmerl View Post

        No issues with 5.1.5 though. Vega 56.
        Seems good on 5.1.5, been running all day with no hang.


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          Originally posted by deadite66 View Post

          been having screen lockup problems too with 5.1 though i can still ssh into it.
          have a vega 64.
          A bit OT for this thread, but...

          Possibly not directly related, but when I moved to kernel 5.0.0, I would get the GPU attached to output dropping off the PCI-E bus at fairly regular intervals - between 5 and 20 minutes after graphical login - reverting to an older kernel stopped it. As I am dependent on CUDA, I only use nVidia cards in Linux. It happened repeatedly on two different systems, a 2990WX/X399 box with RTX 2080Ti's and a Ryzen 2700X/X470 with GTX 1080Ti's. In both cases, returning to an older kernel stopped it from happening.