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EXT4 Case Insensitive Support Sent In For The Linux 5.2 Kernel

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    Originally posted by chithanh View Post
    So all three lowercase versions must be able to coexist in the same directory, while in a theoretical homoglyph-folding filesystem the uppercase versions cannot. But what happens if you now open a file using one of the uppercase characters? By which criteria are you going to decide which one to open?
    Casefold full also fold the lower case to lower case. So no not all 3 lowercase versions have to be able to exist in a directory at the same time. Basically the first one to exist is it. Yes and this is why you include option to only turn casefold on particular directories.

    This is why i refer to this as casefold not case insensitive that much.

    Basically go look at the page 3 of the pdf I put up. It casefolding all lower case chars there are no upper case chars there.


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      I really like this feature. I'm tired of the constant need to remember the case and to type it in correctly. Having two identically named files differing only by case mismatch is a bad practice. But, I understand the need to support legacy Unix filesystem rules, which were made in the 70's and newer designed well in the first place. I mean, "rwx" permissions, come on, what a blunder.

      It is great that this can be enabled on a per-directory basis.

      Edit: it would be even better if this could be enabled/disabled on a per-file basis. I think such a scheme is also possible.
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