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Linux 2.6.28 Kernel Released

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    Originally posted by Loris View Post
    The default options for ext3 formatting is to reserve 5% of the partition's space for usage by root, so that the admin can always log in. But 5% on today's storage devices is a fscking big space nevertheless, so it's a good practice setting the reserved space to a lower percentage of the partition space.

    For example, to set an arbitrary percentage for reserved space on an existing ext3 filesystem:

    # tune2fs -m ${percentage_number} /dev/$partition_device

    Or, you could set an arbitrary value of reserved blocks using the option -r instead of -m.

    Assuming a default of 4 Kilobytes blocks, every 256 blocks are a reserved Megabyte. Setting 10 Megabytes of reserved space would be like this:

    # tune2fs -r 2560 /dev/partition_device

    Or... you could read the manual of mke2fs before creating a new filesystem.
    Thanks for replying.

    I already did that.

    Just after I created the filesystem, months ago.

    But, thanks again for sharing this with us.

    I left the default size on my primary HDD and set -m 0 to all my backup drivers (Music, Movies, Pictures etc)

    So far, so good.

    I'm assuming that EXT4 still sets to 5% to root reserved space.

    Have you (or anyone reading this thread) upgraded your existent EXT3 partitions to EXT4?

    I'm really curious about how it went through.

    Thanks for reading.


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      I just migrated my / from ext3 to ext4.

      I've rsynced the data on the root partition first to another partition:

      rsync -axHA /mnt/root/ /mnt/backup

      Reformatted root:

      umount /mnt/root
      mkfs.ext4 -L GentooRoot /dev/sda2
      mount -t ext4 /dev/sda2 /mnt/root

      And rsynced it back:

      rsync -axHA /mnt/backup/ /mnt/root

      Grub 0.97 can't boot from ext4 (unless patched) so I have a 40MB ext2 /boot partition for that.
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        Well, if there is a patch then use it. GRUB2 would be also interesting...


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          I did use the patch, but probably I did something wrong with reinstalling grub and it didn't boot. So I had to create an ext2 /boot for now.

          Grub2 doesn't seem to be very popular with most distros right now. No idea why though, looks quite nice to me.


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            Well you can use it with the lenny installer - also I used it for booting from a Win bootloader - it can easyly start ST too.


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              And Reiser4 is still better and more stable than Ext4.

              Linus Torvalds and co., are apparently just plain ole garbage.

              When is REISER4 going to be added to the mainstream kernel.

              Why are the Linux Kernel SABOTEURS keeping REISER4 from the mainline kernel.

              See, the Linux Kernel SABOTEURS @


              REISER4 HOWTOS.

              Some Amazing Filesystem Benchmarks. Which Filesystem is Best?


              Compiling yourself a 2.6.23 Kernel (with Reiser4 support). (2.6.24 Kernel Patch)

              Installing your favorite Linux Distro on Reiser4.

              Installing GRUB on a Reiser4 Partition.

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                Finally somebody found the config option that prevented nfs from running:


                You should keep this setting DISABLED until you want to exchange the userspace tools...
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                  [email protected]

                  I'm pretty convinced that Reiser4 will enter the kernel tree eventually. Perhaps it would have been already in the kernel if Reiser wouldn't have started the "kernel devs suck" discussion back then. Hmm, perhaps Reiser going to jail had nothing to do with his wife; I think the kernel devs conspired and set him up for murder...

                  But don't be jealous on Ext4 just because kernel devs are biased towards it.


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                    Originally posted by Jade View Post
                    And Reiser4 is still better and more stable than Ext4.

                    Linus Torvalds and co., are apparently just plain ole garbage.
                    Wow, "better" is too much a technical term.

                    Plain offensive speaking toward Free Software developers is what makes filesystems better, I suppose. Jade, please, don't.


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                      @ Jade :

                      About Reiser4. Whatever has happened has happened. Reiser is a genius, no doubt and Reiser4 is revolutionary. Never mind his quirky attitude and personal issues. Everyone has a personal life and we got to understand that.

                      Meanwhile, the important thing is to be constructive. There are no conspiracies. Anyone or any corporation wouldn't become a billionaire (like Bill Gates or Steve Ballmer) by pulling such a thing. People are sincerely trying to do what is best.

                      I know you are personally disturbed about reiser4 and as much passionate about it as Reiser himself. But you got to move on man. You are very talented and you can and you should code. You can yourself make reiser4 better, try to push it in the linux kernel (and hopefully every other OS - *interoperabilty*) and such an effort will be very very appreciable.

                      And it is not just about Reiser4. Look at Ext4 - they have spent years on it and I was surprised to know its just some transition file system. There is no conspiracy here either, its just for the better. There are so many efforts to make things better - Tux3, Btrfs, ZFS. Any work on any of these would be awesome.

                      Show them the code! And, don't let it take a toll on you. You need a bottle of beer and I wish I could get you one!
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