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    Originally posted by hreindl View Post
    yes, because of shitheads like you that don't bring anything useful but attacks projetcs like systemd, projects using systemd capabilities instead write every single shit at their own and demand the world is turning around them - the world don't, nobody cares about you, suck it
    I think you described exactly a shitheads called hreindl, attacking always the SysVinit guys out there, only because they continue to use what they feel its the default for them..
    But you want them to choose what pleases you.

    Your little systemd world around you, and you demand that the world should turn around you and around it?!
    The world doesn't care, nobody cares about you, suck it..

    You are one of the Entitled by "toxic people" that arrived from Sauvage Capitalism , always attacking people, out there, with your greedy ideas, and disrespect!
    Its because of people like you that very respectful people have leaved the community..


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      Originally posted by hreindl View Post
      no, i couldn't care less if you use sysvinit or your self written init script, as long as you shut up instead demand from others that you should be active supported and other should do more work to make everything work with your outdated shit
      In first place that's a Lie!
      Second, respect is when you develop something, but let others use what they already have and want to use..
      Standardize something, that could be mutually used, by other projects, and defend plural options...that is respect!

      Your ideas,responses, and attacks, always disrespecting someone, says otherwise!

      Originally posted by hreindl View Post
      problem is that my world is bigger than yours
      i can handle it, you can't :-)
      No, the problem is that you are a Bully troll.
      That's the problem!
      A person without self-respect, and without respect for others around..

      When someone whants to use what they please( but you dislike ), you rapidly calls them "shitheads", "morons","Unprofessional's", and the list goes on and on..

      Only because your little childish world, can't support people using their standard tools, tools that you don't want the world to use..
      You need to grow up, control your ego, then maybe embrace the OpenSource world, with more respect( my opinion is that you would never embrace it like you should, because your base is already bad.. )..

      I am saying this, because this world, needs to become again less toxic..

      I still remember the good old days,
      Where education, was the first thing to start doing something in this world..

      Too much sauvage capitalism, greed, come to linux, has it started to boom.
      I think that a "starting filter" would, be Education..


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        Originally posted by hreindl View Post
        who do do think you are that developers which drive a successful project need to show respcet to you and some other nobodys?
        It's a basic courtesy, which should have been installed into person in childhood by Mommy. Unless you really like supremacist society where you could be treated as dirt, when somebody else considers you "nobody". Like Jews in Nazi Germany or "kulaks" in Soviet Union.

        The fact that somebody's days are spent sitting behind computer, interspersed by eating, shitting and perhaps 30min-2h a day outside, could be considered by 99% other people as a 'nerd lacking life'. It could be that one has done it for so long that he/she has forgotten how to interact with people without becoming utterly self-centered asshole.

        Would you like grocery store or fast food joint telling you to piss off, instead of servicing you. Because you are for it's personnel' subjective view, nobody. Most people don't care about computers at all, beyond it's being a tool and for them, waxing eloquent about some piece of software or even becoming insulting in near killing rage is just plain weird. Beneath their notice as a person as people tend to abhor other people not fitting into their social mold.

        Originally posted by hreindl View Post
        that all has nothing to do with capitalism, not a little bit
        Pray tell, who would bother developing Linux, especially drivers for it, if there was zero commercial interest? Major development effort is led by commercial entities. You would not even have your special love child, systemd.