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SVT-AV1 Can Now Achieve 1080p @ 60 FPS AV1 Video Encoding On Select Configurations

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    Originally posted by AndyChow View Post

    Wow. Usually, I can never tell the difference in quality between two images, but this is really bad. So what's the big deal with AV1 anyway? It has 20% better compression than h265 or VP9, but takes 10000% longer to encode than h265. And that wouldn't matter if the decode was similar to h265 or VP9, but my understanding is that it's not.

    So, what's the excitement about?
    Nothing, really. At least for those in the know. And has been trying explain with info, facts and history and yet those people still persist and hype or false claims and schedules that is now proven not possible and quality / speed yet to be determined.

    But at least it would be a nice lesson ( I hope ) they learned. AV2 should be much more interesting.