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Linux 4.20.1 Kernel Released With Various Fixes

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  • Linux 4.20.1 Kernel Released With Various Fixes

    Phoronix: Linux 4.20.1 Kernel Released With Various Fixes

    The first point release to the two-week-old Linux 4.20 kernel is now available...

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    I was hoping this would fix a shutdown freeze bug I've been hitting lately. But there's nothing listed.


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      Hope it allows my AMD Ryzen 5 2500U notebook to boot again without freezing during modesetting!


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        offers up a number of Btrfs fixes, a few F2FS and EXT4 file-system fixes too
        8 EXT4 Patches
        7 BTRFS Patches
        5 F2FS Patches


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          Unfortunately it still doesn't work with the R9 390. There is some improvement in that DC can finally be enabled, but since DPM still can't it has no real world effect. The worst part is no one seems to care, as the bug reports filed about it are immediately relegated to limbo. In fact in the 3 years since I bought my expensive R9 390 the incompetence of AMD has seen to it that I've only actually been able to fully use it, off and on, for about six months.


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            I have a hard time reading the kernel changelogs in the format they're given, so I use this one-liner:

            wget -q -O - | grep -A2 'Date:' | grep -v 'Date:\|^$\|^--' | sort | less


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              Originally posted by hreindl View Post
              who the fuck cares about 5.x when 4.18.20 was the last useable kernel
              I too try new kernels from time to time and revert back to 4.18.20 which is the last acceptable kernel. It's sad that they made the disaster that is 4.19 a LTS kernel.