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Linux 5.0-rc1 Debuts With New Hardware Support, FreeSync, I3C, High-Res Scrolling

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    Originally posted by dungeon View Post
    Well in you case, you should. As you have fairly new B450 chipset and remember to keep BIOS version up to date there
    I agree. And in my case strange quirks in no way related to an Athlon APU just disappeared with 0604 on my B450 board, e.g. random system reboots with an Asus Xonar soundcard. I'd always keep my board firmware up to date.

    I've never had issues whatsoever when updating the board firmware, even back in the days like 15 years ago when you had to pray that the flashing goes straight through. I've also never experienced problems with the installed OS or the kernel in particular after updating the firmware. Of course that doesn't mean, it's never happening. I'm aware that many people here preach the "never change a running system". Personally, I prefer to use up-to-date software.


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      Mine boot with no graphic driver at all Intel GPU didn't start and amdgpu just report no DC


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        "The decision to jump over to Linux 5.0 from Linux 4.21 was decided by Linus Torvalds with the 4.x kernel releases getting high..."

        Yea, I think 4.20 should definately be the highest.


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          Originally posted by debianxfce View Post
          In this case and many other cases these warnings are harmless.
          Depending on POV, anything could be harmless... even dying

          I do use the AMD wip kernel.
          And no one care what you use You could even choose to swim in shit daily, but who cares

          I was just curious how my TV stick works.
          Well, you also possibly "use" corrrupted filesystem so please do not file any bugs elsewhere in such state

          By the way, Asgard nvmes are dirt cheap in aliexpress, now go on and buy one. Write speed for the 256GB drive with 1GB dd test is 788 MB/s and the read speed 2.1 GB/s. 3 times faster to read than a sata ssd.
          Dirt cheap, dirtly does not work sometimes could be too as your dmesg seems dirty too, still you don't care... so, why should anybody else

          Like some of these with nouveau driver and Google Chrome, they seems enjoy screen corruptions

          So with screen corruption and filesystem corruption, some dare to file bugs for say sound card driver... and of course, no one care really

          I did run the Superposition 4K benchmark and it looks good in a 4K monitor. Now go on and buy the ASUS VP28UQG monitor
          Well, i tought instead to buy Sanitarium game from GoG to play it again. But, who needs that when i have you Besides, i already have it on 3 CDs somewhere, so no
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            Originally posted by debianxfce View Post
            To irritate you more...
            He, he

            Just played 3 matches of Rocket League.
            Crazy games collected by GPU vendors, can't irritate me. I just laugh more for real
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              Originally posted by debianxfce View Post


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                Really nice to see Linux get a new 4K font.

                There are GPU-based terminal emulators such as Kitty which are powered by OpenGL.
                With a terminal multiplexer such as tmux or GNU screen you can split the terminal into multiple windows.

                Modern terminals now support TrueColor. So you can have 16,7 million colors.


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                  Still no wireguard? :'(
                  So it apparently is not as awesome as Linus thought at first?


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                    Originally posted by uid313 View Post
                    Modern terminals now support TrueColor. So you can have 16,7 million colors.
                    He, he, if terminal allow smiles, then that is enough for me


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                      the 5 number is really a surprise to me.