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Sun Provides 64-bit Java Plug-In For Linux

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    It works great on Ubuntu 8.10 if you follow this short guide ;-)


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      I've never seen the attraction with either flash or java. The fact that there has been no flash or java for 64bit systems hasn't stopped me running 64bit Linux for 5 or so years now.

      Flash first. One thing I notice about not having flash on my laptop is that I can open lots of tabs at once without the system coming to a standstill. A lot of sites now have stupid little flash animations, adverts, etc. By themself, they don't make too much difference. But 10 of them at once makes a BIG difference. Whenever I go to my server to do some serious net surfing, I cringe at the effect opening a couple of tabs with flash banners has. Does anyone here know of a good use of flash, apart from maybe I don't think so.

      As for Java. Jesus! The 2 Java apps I'm forced to use at work - Oracle SQL Developer and Eclipse - each take up about 1GB before they even finish starting up. They pathetically slow. SQL Developer looks ridiculous ( thankfully Eclipse uses GTK ). And they both crash regularly. By the way, I don't use Eclipse for Java development - I use it for Perl and C development

      So we now have early betas of Flash and Java for 64bit linux. Meh. Won't bother installing them.


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        I agree that eclipse is slow. But it's the best IDE I've ever seen. And when it loads, it's not so slow that it wouldn't be possible to work in it

        And about the flash: I agree that most of the banners are annoying and slowing down the computer. But I use adblock for such a things. And what about the youtube? How do you watch youtube without flash?


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          Not everyone has a need to watch youtube.


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            double post, but still worth mentioning. just shifted to 64-bit linux recently (ubuntu 8.10 amd64), and this native sun java plugin rocks. openjdk and icedtea plugin are ok too, but they seem a little raw - fonts and widgets look a little off.

            together with adobe flash 64 beta and firefox trunk (3.2, minefield), browsing seems on steroids .

            aside, the shift to 64-bit has been very smooth. was compelled to shift after i had heard of seamless compatibility with 32-bit apps (using multilib or whatever) and indeed it is so. 32-bit apps like adobe reader or doom3 just work fine. heard of w64codecs only recently, though it has been out for quite some time. also heard praises about nspluginwrapper and indeed it works very fine, but native 64-bit plugins are a whole new different experience. although the general idea is that performance of 32-bit and 64-bit is nearly same, i guess there is a difference for good (definitely more than some time back when i tried 64-bit slackware called slamd64 back in 2005).


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              Originally posted by Vadi View Post
              It's spelled "hallujah" in english actually
              Actually no it isn't. It's spelled "Hallelujah" or "Alleluia" in English.


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                typo on my side =(