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Dbus Broker 17 Released - No Longer Depends On Glib, Better Isolation With Systemd

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    Originally posted by stefansaraev View Post

    systemd, not SystemD
    Please stefansaraev,
    When you quote me, please, quote me instead of changing what I said, for something that you put there..

    That is a lot disrespectful,
    That types of things, you learn were you are kid, and usually education is passed from Father to son..
    I hope you, please, don´t do that again.

    Thanks in Advance.


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      Originally posted by DanL View Post

      It's pal66. Making 5 comments in a row full of insults and being as abrasive as possible is his MO. Just like dungeon's MO is gibberish punctuated with smilies. You gotta love Phoronix forums.
      All the more reason that WE NEED BLOCKLISTS WORKING. Please Michael, make this a priority for 2019. These forums are (mostly) good, but there are a few loons here that really make me question whether I should have bought lifetime membership.


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        Originally posted by jacob View Post

        The main purpose of an operating system is to provide predictability, not "choice". You don't have "choice" regarding the ELF format and its structure, or the syscalls ABI, or the scheduling algorithm etc. and there is no reason to think that "choice" of the services and event manager is somehow important. It's not, what is important is that developers can reliably assume that it's there and that it will provide the services they expect, not having to bend backwards to accommodate everyone's obscure "choice".

        This obsession with "choice" is a mere historical accident anyway. UNIX evolved by quick and dirty hack after quick and dirty hack, there was never any vision and no-one ever stopped five minutes to think about what a well designed OS should look like and what it should do. Instead, everyone implemented his own piece of garbage that never actually solved any deeper problem and never provided the One True way to accomplish anything, as a real operating system should. Instead it was simply a "works-for-me" hack. That's how we ended up with dozens of init systems, each of them broken and each of them with different semantics. The systemd project, imperfect as it may be, is at least a long overdue push to leave the *nix crap behind and start building an actual operating system based on Linux. For that I say kudos to them.
        I understand what you said, above, but you haven´ t understood the main purpose of an Operating system ..
        The main Purpose of an OS is to Virtualize the Hardware, so that you can use software above it, simplifying your life... that is the main purpose..

        But "S"ystem"D", is not what you describe at the that section, you describe the crap Windows his... and Linux have made strong name, not basing its principles in the crap Windows is..


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          Hmm, I also have a post that is unapproved??


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            Originally posted by hreindl View Post

            "bla bla bla bla bla" was a good and short summary for a shitload of nosense
            Your response, speak volumes about your own education..


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              Originally posted by hreindl View Post

              my education is fine but you don't deserve it!
              "systemd" is written excatly as "systemd"

              besides your technical bullshit you write like a child using M$ for Microsoft but talking about education

              AGAIN: you have the choice! use a different distribution and when in 5 years there is none without systemd either pay someone or realize that you are a ghost driver - your choice
              It doesn´t seems so..

              I started playing around with Linux for more than 20 years now, I worked on Unix( and still work ),
              And I understand that it his difficult to come from Windows, and embrace a different way of thinking, a better way of doing things, a simpler way, summarizing it... a beautiful way..

              A lot of workflows in Windows are done in a reverse mode, and I understand, this diferences because majority of Windows Admins around don´t understand the way we do things...
              look, my company has around 170 thousands Employees around the globe, scattered by more than 70 Countries.. and before this one, I worked in the biggest ones around..
              I have lived many years following the dream that someday a Linux based OS would be perfect..

              Your response says all about the knowledge and the spirit about Unix still are a Windows user.. ( I have nothing against it! )
              You could even be using Linux, but you haven´t switched to Unix Philosophy ... usually this takes some years to acquire,
              I have seen so many many colleagues with same behaviour of thinking, during his transition years, And I also had that feelings at first.. I can´t count them but they are at least in the thousands..

              I can only speak about the things I know, I learned in the past decades of hard work..
              I understand that the average Joe, think its difficult to launch and adjust an application to behave exactly like it is, when you still have a Windows mentality, its difficult indeed..
              I also recognize that SysVinit needs adjustments..

              But "S"ystem"D" is making more damage, than good, analysing the way it works, the Philosophy behind it.. it is made to be a Windows thing..even its Name, you can start by the name..

              Who the hell in the world, working on Unix/linux( not only with its hands ), but also in Spirit, would create a name like SystemD?
              I ask this question for people at least with 20 years of work in the field, ofcourse, not for Windows people migrating to Linux/Unix, because they don´t even Understand the question..

              No.. SystemD,
              Is written, like it was born to be... "S"ystem"D", a Windows thing, not even following the Unix Philosophy. from the beginning.

              Your last sentence, says all explicitly..
              Quoting you:
              "AGAIN: you have the choice! use a different distribution and when in 5 years there is none without systemd either pay someone or realize that you are a ghost driver - your choice"

              Who voted in favor of that SystemD Trojan Horse?
              I start to loose the faith about our own Community, maybe Mr. Stallman is right after all, and maybe Hurd could be the Solution..


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                Originally posted by hreindl View Post
                when people talking bullshit all the time and it stands without correction others which don't know if it's right or wrong sooner or later take that shit as truth if it's only often enough repeated by a loud minority of fools
                Your kinds use the same methods in talking bullshit to people. Like saying "go use flatpaks, they are save, secure, perfect..." and so on. Willingly fooling people by giving them the feeling to use "flat packages" like small sized packages. Making them belive that they use something similar to Apple or Google. Nothing of that has been proven nor is it valid. No real proof that the system is truly save. Willingly ignoring the facts, that you get a Linux System inside a Linux System installed. Similar things being said with "wayland" years back. The so called X11 replacement. Now a decade (is it so ?) has passed and Wayland is no where except GNOME. Nothing else uses it. People still use X11 or XWayland because the wayland crowd put their mouth on a level, where the code has never reached that same level. Years in and out and no where.


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                  Originally posted by hreindl View Post
                  you and your 10-20 brothers
                  Please make a note, that I usually come with my family and clan members and we are more than just 10-20 people. We don't fight with words, we fight with fists and weapons.


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                    Originally posted by hreindl View Post

                    and THAT is the problem, you once thought you are done with learning

                    nobody, it's systemd without capitals and what the fuck is the windows context you see?
                    mysqld, httpd... all windows - seriously?

                    fact is that even Unix veterans declared that it was long overdue to replace sysvinit because it has no real concepts at all and was just working somehow all the years and nobody had the balls to replace it with something solve all that mess while other Unix systems did years ago
                    Now that is not the problem, that is what makes me realize what the problem is...
                    The knowledge aquired gives you a better vision around, the ecosystem..

                    SystemD, born SystemD, and that is a fact, that´s why I put the question to at least 20 years experienced personnel..

                    everybody Understands that changes need to be made, but a forced solution that doesn´t solve the real daily problems in reality and has a lot of scripts and files for the same thing is not a good approach..
                    Also the dependability is a big risk..

                    And worst, to change and adapt need to recompile it from source and deploy it...its not even practical at all.
                    In my opinion someone should not put a young person on front of the real Unix based systems, if it doesn´t bear in mind the spirit of Linux and Unix Philosophy.
                    It can cooperate yes, he can present ideias, yes of course, but never drive the boat...its a very costly risk, and we start to see it now..

                    Above all, it should be created by many parts, has possible, an Abstract API, to control processes sockets and so on..
                    This API should be agreed by all, and should works for all systems the same way, regarding that inputs and outputs are in same format..

                    If this have been done, today you would not be here discussing about this problem in first place..
                    But everything was done with the interest of one company only, and that is very bad, because an Init system is a very important thing..
                    In my opinion, it should also be based in a interpreted language as much as possible( so that some one can consult code on-the-fly ) with addon plugins extensions


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                      Originally posted by tuxd3v View Post
                      In my opinion someone should not put a young person on front of the real Unix based systems, if it doesn´t bear in mind the spirit of Linux and Unix Philosophy.
                      That's exactly the situation that *we* are facing with Red Hat (RHEL) systems atm. Fedora allowed associate developers (these young ones) to mess around with *what we call* the core heart of the distribution (yum). We ended up in big troubles for the past 3 years now. Somewhere in the middle we managed to get along with dnf. But this took us a long journey to get there. A lot of rewriting of code from our own infrastructure was necessary because nothing fit - dnf changed much. Now a new bigger regression has shown up and even slipped into a stable distribution like Fedora 28. Again our infrastructure is broken for weeks now. But at the end I can't blame the associate developers - who are paid by Red Hat. The true problem is their floor manager or project leader (in charge of dnf), that let all this nonsenese happen.

                      A lot has changed within the past 2 decades that I've been using Linux. Some stuff for the better, some stuff for the worse.

                      I clearly can not recommend any RHEL product anymore within a corporate environment - based on the development of Fedora. A new convervative approach is needed. Maybe Windows 2019 Server or Debian.