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Binderfs Queued Ahead Of The Linux 4.21 Kernel

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  • Binderfs Queued Ahead Of The Linux 4.21 Kernel

    Phoronix: Binderfs Queued Ahead Of The Linux 4.21 Kernel

    Greg Kroah-Hartman merged the Binderfs code to his char-misc-next branch on Wednesday, making it the latest feature set to premiere in the upcoming Linux 4.21 kernel...

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    Binderfs is a file-system for Android's Binder IPC mechanism. The Binder inter-process communication code has been mainlined for years and used extensively on Android though not without any real adoption on the Linux desktop side even as the likes of BUS1 and formerly KDBUS have not taken off for in-kernel IPC on GNU/Linux systems.
    Last I heard, Binder was insecure, Android relied on SELinux to plug the hole, and that's why it's not enabled on desktop kernels and used as a means to run X11/glibc and Android applications side-by-side.


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      I hope this will be of help to Anbox and similar approaches.