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Samsung Comments On Open-Source Restructuring

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    Originally posted by timrichardson View Post
    Bad design can be intentional, by the way; they are not mutually exclusive, as your comment implies, and judging something as "bad" means defining criteria.
    Sure, "bad" can be a subjective opinion. But the reason I called it "bad" is because one is unable to see a job description, or someone's profile. This is the primary reason for this site to exist: to read someone's resume, or a job posting, and this doesn't work. Hence I conclude this site it badly designed.
    Originally posted by timrichardson View Post
    If linked in wants to get traffic to job postings, it is silly to make it accessible only to registered users. Most job boards don't act like that, in my experience.
    "StackOverflow Careers" is perfectly accessible to unregistered users, and I'd prefer if Samsung have used this one.
    Originally posted by timrichardson View Post
    However, I don't know what LinkedIn actually does, I'm just saying that if the original comment is true
    Well, you can check it by opening the job links form the article in private mode of your browser.
    Originally posted by timrichardson View Post
    , it may in fact by bad design based on the objective of getting as many viewers as possible, based on what other job sites do. On the other hand, if it maximises LinkedIn revenue and/or data mining, it may be a good choice.
    I don't think it maximises their revenue. E.g. I don't even have an account there.

    To be completely honest, I can guess the reason site is so popular: it's because this is the only international job postings site that everyone knows. Nowadays that there's also StackOverflow Careers, I expect LinkedIn to slowly phase out.