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Real World Benchmarks Of The EXT4 File-System

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    No comment from drag (or anybody else) on this?

    Originally posted by drag
    Suse was a early adopter and proponent of ReiserFsv3. They have ReiserFS developers on staff.
    At least this statement of yours is true.

    Suse has supported and distributed Reiser3 ever since January 2000 (in SuSE 6.3).

    They show no sign of moving to support v4 in any meaningful way.
    This is TOTAL CRAP. Suse supported and distributed Reiser4 for years.

    They were almost the only ones supporting it.

    They too depend heavily on the ability of Linux to compete with Unix, Windows, and especially Redhat.
    This is TOTAL CRAP as well.

    Reiser4 was supported by SuSE till they were bought out by the Jews. The Jews already owned Redhat, so there was no competition.

    So you would think that if v4 offered a substantial advantage over the more mundane Linux file systems then they would jump at the chance to push their OS forward.
    The (German company SuSE) did "jump at the chance," as a non-fairy tale version of history substantiates.

    When the Jews bought it out, they worked hard on getting rid of KDE, Reiser3, Reiser4, mp3 support and NTFS support.

    Destruction of Linux NTFS support got away from them when Szabolcs Szakacsits released his NTFS driver.

    They removed mp3 support from SuSE 10. Thus I stopped using SuSE, so I don't know if it is still sabotaged in this way.

    Reiser4 has been successfully shut down by sabotage of the Linux kernel code due to Andrew Morton.

    They are still trying to kill Reiser3, but too many people know that for years it was the best filesystem available and it is proving hard for them to get rid of it.

    There was a huge user rebellion against the move to Gnome and KDE stayed,... at least for now.


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      Suse supporting Reiserfs in a meaningful way would mean that they support using v4 as a install option. Which they don't.

      Originally posted by Jade View Post

      Reiser4 was supported by SuSE till they were bought out by the Jews. The Jews already owned Redhat, so there was no competition.

      So the Jews hate ReiserFS?


      My good sir.

      You are either serious and happen to be borderline insane; Or are a batshit insane troll. Either way you have too much time on your hands and seem to have a almost complete lack of critical thinking skills.

      I suggest a double dose of a BS degree in liberal arts at a very high quality private university (the more conservative the better) combined with counseling. From looking at your website you seem to have some serious delusions and possibly schizophrenic tendencies. If you already have a person your seeing, fire him/her, and if you already have a degree try to get your money back to pay for a better one.

      And probably some better religion, if your into that sort of thing. It's helped lots of people in the past get a better grounding.

      I may sound insulting, but it's really for your own benefit.
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        resierfs IS NOT reiser4

        god people, don't you know anything?

        reiserfs = reiserfs 3.5&3.6
        reiser4 = reiser4

        no 'reiserfs' for 4, and no 4 in reiserfs. Two completly different file systems.

        Get your facts straight, before you look completly silly, ok?
        Oh, and jade - all the points you might have are invalidated by your idiotic (yes, I said it), conspracy theories and jew hating.


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          You know, it is nice that you share your opinions about the jews with us. But that is not facts, as you can not back them up with links. So please stay on topic then, when you discuss your opinions? Back to file systems.


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            Why isno JFS benched? It's the fastest FS for Linux and it supports 64bit since a lot of years.


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              Originally posted by thacrazze View Post
              Why is no JFS benched? It's the fastest FS for Linux
              No it is not. Reiser4 is the fastest. See:

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                Hahaha. What is with this guy? I thought ReiserFS was okay but geez. ReiserFS and Reiser4 are already associated with one weirdo too many.


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                  Chewi, it is associated with one 'weirdo' because of people like you who can't see behind technical merits.


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                    I'm using reiserfs ('3') for at least 5 years and I never ever had any data loss nor filesystem corruption. It handled perfectly every power loss I occured. It's rock stable and is eating alive ext3 when it comes to performance.
                    Recovering accidentally *deleted* files is another topic as it may be problematic, especially when you have some reiserfs file image on partition being recovered.
                    Other disadvantages (the only actually) of reiserfs are longer mount time and reasonably higher CPU usage. But please stop spreading bull**** about its unreliability.

                    On the other hand I remember quite often problems with ext3 and it caused for me to forget about ext* forever for anything except /boot.
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                      Originally posted by reavertm View Post
                      But please stop spreading bull**** about its unreliability.
                      Your lucky, that was not the case 3 years ago when openSUSE dropped it from being the default filesystem. Feel free to look around at the mailing lists from back then.