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The Linux Kernel Adopts A Code of Conduct

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    Here's a happy little troll.


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      Originally posted by perpetually high View Post
      Love this. Actions speak louder than words and Linus and GKH are stepping up. This can only lead to a stronger and healthier kernel and community, without compromising code quality or feelings. Well done.
      And why is this? I'm not saying Linus' level of hostility is necessary, because it isn't, but to suggest that things will lead to a stronger and healthier kernel is something I am extremely wary of. Linus' attitude justified intolerance for inadequacy.
      Remember when Steve Jobs left Apple, and the company nearly went bankrupt? Steve was a complete total asshole, but he knew what he wanted and Apple's customers agreed with him. When he came back, I'm sure he was still reaming people out, but he made Apple relevant again.
      Preventing Linus from telling people they need to stop wasting his time and commit good code is most certainly going to have a negative impact on the kernel. If people aren't motivated to do their best, they're not going to. Nobody likes being told they're doing a shitty job, so Linus' behavior encourages people to work harder.

      Linux is the software developer equivalent of "survival of the fittest".


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        You can keep a project on track without being an asshole.

        If you can't, then you probably shouldn't be in a position where you're leading a project.


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          Originally posted by Helios747 View Post
          You can keep a project on track without being an asshole.
          Are you calling Linus an asshole? No one mentioned being an asshole.

          I just appreciate his standards and low tolerance for stupidity, lets not pretend most of his 'rants' weren't well deserved.

          EDIT- And Linux is hugely successful, maybe we actually need more "assholes"?
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            Yeah. I am.

            He was a bit of a dick. Glad he's recognizing that and stepping away to cool off and work out things.

            When he comes back, he'll be able to get a lot more done with the developers he works with.


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              Originally posted by phoronix View Post
              Phoronix: The Linux Kernel Adopts A Code of Conduct

              Prior to releasing Linux 4.19-rc4 and Linus Torvalds taking a temporary leave of absence to reflect on his behavior / colorful language, he did apply a Code of Conduct to the Linux kernel...

              Oh no. Even Linux is now contaminated by this idiotic Lysenkoist notion of "gender identity"... Next I presume they will move all their repos to Tumblr


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                Originally posted by jacob View Post

                Oh no. Even Linux is now contaminated by this idiotic Lysenkoist notion of "gender identity"... Next I presume they will move all their repos to Tumblr
                you didn't get the point. The point is: it doesn't matter, doesn't matter what persons think of themselves, who or what they are, as long as they are behaving well and make a useful contribution, it shall be accepted.

                But you make a deal out of it for no reason at all. Nothing changes in your life. It has 0 consequences for you, but you still think it is a threat? How so? What is your actual fear here? What about "we don't give a damn who somebody is" is a problem for you?


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                  I see this as the begining of the end for linux kernel as we know.. im not happy with whats coming along..


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                    I have mixed feelings about this. I am all for politeness and etiquette. What is concerning is the manner in which we create a etiquette police who themselves act rude and violent while they pretend to be opposing the same. That is you create enforcers who have the power to shut down people who say bad words they do not like. That sounds more abusive than really than the people just using a few bad words. I am not for using bad words, I am just making a point. Also, its important to point out the difference between speech and actions. Free speech used to be about you could say what you want save making slander, not this idea that you can suppress people who have said things you do not like with actions. Linus has made remarks about contributions such as "this is garbage, you can do better". These are words and a request. It is not a threat of being excluded from making further contributions, it is not this person being excluded from participating in the kernel again. On the other hand, the enforcers of the code of conduct, can prevent people from participating and can make actual threats of exclusion . They all claim to be "inclusive" but are all about excluding people according to their increasingly draconian rules. Its a slippery slope we are on here to a authoritarian sort of environment.

                    I cannot see Linus doing this of his own volition and it looks like he being pressured by someone to cave in.

                    There are other practical considerations such as if we can no longer tell people that code they have submitted really is not well written and not of good enough quality for the kernel , the quality of the kernel will suffer. Will we now have to accept really poorly written patches to not hurt anyones feelings?
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                      Political correctness is fascism masquerading as manners.