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The Linux Kernel Adopts A Code of Conduct

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  • Originally posted by Djhg2000 View Post

    The replies to those tweets are just fantastic, I guess he/she/it/they/them/qwerty/fizz/buzz/glip/glop/whatever didn't expect the code of conduct to be used both ways by the Linux community. Here's just one of them:

    There's also a whole heap of users claiming to now be blocked by @_sagesharp_ . If we can keep turning the code of conduct against them like this then I guess it might not be so bad after all.
    This is the main problem with the CoC. The language used is too vague and open to interpretations and misuse. People can just twist and turn it, like above. It can apply to anything really.


    • Originally posted by Melcar View Post

      This is the main problem with the CoC. The language used is too vague and open to interpretations and misuse. People can just twist and turn it, like above. It can apply to anything really.
      Exactly, but those who push these kinds of CoCs usually have a decent influence with the judge and jury. In this case that might not be the case. This time they might face people who actually stand up for their own interpretation of the situation.


      • How tested is retroactive claw back of GPL2 code?
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        • Originally posted by pheldens View Post
          How tested is retroactive claw back of GPL2 code?

          Good news! Thanks.
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          • Isn't that a satire website?
            I also saw that article, but it seems most developers are on board (or at least appear to be) with the new CoC.


            • Originally posted by Luke View Post
              Nothing wrong with social justice(the SJ in SJW), and sometimes you have to warrior up (the W is SJW) to get it. At least you did not have to risk your freedom and continued existance burning a grand jury subpeona in front of the courthouse as the only valid alternative to snitching on those you care about the most, as I had to do last week. This wasn't Call of Duty, this was real-world.

              We "social justice warriors" are the shield behind which your freedom can fucking EXIST. If it was not for us, the workday would be 7 days a week for everyone, 12 hours a day. You would have no time for anything else in life and would live in a temement with one bathroom down the hall. Maybe your factory would lock you in at night, like some bonded labor sweatshops globally do. All the major nation-states would still practice CONSCRIPTION, and having this ability would fight even more wars of aggression to keep and hold colonies. The status of women would resemble "the Handmaid's Tale" as one protest againt Kavanaugh's nomination so poingnantly showed with costumes from the movie. Do you really want to live like that?

              A warrior gives of themselves so others may life in peace and safety, and that's EXACTLY what we do when we take serious risks of death or decades in prison to shut down grand jury witch-hunts, stop eminent domain pipelines, ensure gender equality, or anything else that is about protecting other people, We stand between your precious self-centered lifestyle and the worst life you could ever imagine. Every time you enjoy a simple pleasure of life that some suit-and-tie fat cat or theocrat would really rather take away, thank your local SJW.
              this is exactly why SJW sucks. People who think they are better than others who should police the masses manners, tell them how to behave and what to believe. This kind of thinking is dangerous because the a** wipes who think they are better than others are most often completely retarded and deluded. I used to be in the military and served in places like Iraq. I know what SJW means, people who pretend to have some sort of moral authority destroying other peoples lives, while pretending its not about their bank account. You see the same types in Brussels and other kinds of elitist social clubs where people turn to 'regulations' and ignorance in order to steer the masses through shame and political correctness. This is pretty bad news IMO. lolz, I even have to work with one of these kinds of people, all he does is pretend he's high and mighty but he's a racist and lies out his a** all the time. I can't stand people who think they are better than others, it's cancer, and it leads to lots of people suffering. Weapons of MASS destruction = PC.

              Political Correctness comes about because the people it falls on are weak and deluded.


              • ESR Chimes in, suing for peace after the enemy already fired the first shot and drew blood?


                • Originally posted by pheldens View Post
         ESR Chimes in, suing for peace after the enemy already fired the first shot and drew blood?
                  Strange, indeed. The older we get, the less fighting we bear...

                  Still Raymond confirms what your yesterday's linked blog mentioned concerning the GPL :

                  I’m writing now, from all of that experience and with all that perspective, about the recent flap over the new CoC and the attempt to organize a mass withdrawal of creator permissions from the kernel.
                  First, let me confirm that this threat has teeth. I researched the relevant law when I was founding the Open Source Initiative. In the U.S. there is case law confirming that reputational losses relating to conversion of the rights of a contributor to a GPLed project are judicable in law. I do not know the case law outside the U.S., but in countries observing the Berne Convention without the U.S.’s opt-out of the “moral rights” clause, that clause probably gives the objectors an even stronger case.
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                  • Just a heads-up; the Contributor Covenant Wikipedia article has seen a lot of changes in the last few days: . Looks like the cat is out of the bag now.


                    • Here is how this actually works.

                      The CIA wants very much for Linux to include security exploits and go in directions that allow it to be penetrated, but can't go about that directly without a lot of negative reactions. So what to do?

                      Step 1: Introduce a continuously changing moral code, issued by the media and academia. Yesterday it was gay marriage, but since that is pretty much universally accepted, something new had to be introduced, and thus we have all the trans/cis/blue-haired insanity. The whole point is to introduce a new moral system that is at odds with the old moral system of just a few years ago. They are not actually interested in acceptance of trans / fairy / queer / elves. They are only interested in creating a chaotic environment. If tranny-bathroom-gender-insanity were fully accepted by the public, it would no longer be a useful tool, and something new would have to be introduced in place of it. Chaos and non-acceptance is the goal.

                      Step 2: Allow enforcers of the new and poorly defined moral paradigm to gain power and influence in every sphere of life. Linus isn't stupid, so I can only imagine what kind of dirt they must have acquired on him in order to get the "Code of Conduct" accomplished.

                      Step 3: Oust anyone who might be a serious challenge to the original stated goal. This is easily achievable because ANYONE with an internet presence is likely to have run afoul of the current moral paradigm at some point in the past, so fake outrage can easily be retroactively enforced. Even more so if they have a strong personality and have been goaded to react in a certain manner 12-18 months ago.

                      This can all be accomplished with a small staff over a few years. If you don't see what is happening you're an idiot.