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The Linux Kernel Adopts A Code of Conduct

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  • Originally posted by jacob View Post
    Yes, there are people who behave in such ways and make claims about having a purported "gender". Those people suffer from a medical condition known as Gender Identity Disorder - you see, medicine, unlike social justice, is a science.
    SJWs basically took a mental illness and made it something to be proud of, an identity.

    Next is Alzheimer is the identity of an individual who forgets stuff. Let's be respectful of it and appreciate, instead of treating it as an illness.


    • Just wondering will today's date be set in history as tipping point when Linux went to shit. Master/slave comment from beginning of the thread is spot on.


      • It is difficult for me to perceive this as something other than a partisan political power grab being made predominantly by non-key contributors in the domain. If somebody could produce evidence of Linux leadership engaging in identity-based discrimination, -particularly within the realm of their professional work or the public promotion thereof-, I would be substantially less skeptical. I absolutely do not want self-appointed speech/thought police scraping decade old posts in order to unseat existing technical authorities in favor of objectively less experienced and more politically-focused alternatives.
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        • Originally posted by OlgierdAlorus
          "I can't wait for the mass exodus from Linux now that it's been infiltrated by SJWs. Hahahahah" Coraline Ada Ehmke

          This is by the person who wrote the code of conduct that Linux adopted.

          So her plan was to kill Linux from the very beginning with her "covenant"?


          • I would consider Linus's language rude if Linux contributors worked for him. But they don't. There is no easy way to keep a contributor who works for someone else in shape.
            Having said that, if Linus is indeed serious, I'll probably just stay with 4.14LTS or 4.19LTS releases perpetually.


            • Originally posted by misp View Post
              Just wondering will today's date be set in history as tipping point when Linux went to shit. Master/slave comment from beginning of the thread is spot on.
              I can't think of a single open source project that ever recovered from one of these SJW attacks and takeovers.

              Just look at the FreeBSD CoC fiasco. Monetary contributions are down 50 percent compared to last year, which were already down and failing to meet their yearly targets. And I am not making this up, the idiot harassing the speaker is none other than the new FreeBSD Core member responsible for the project's CoC:

              video, sharing, camera phone, video phone, free, upload

              Huge numbers of FreeBSD developers have left and given up ownership of their ports. The FreeBSD forums are close to ghost towns with their drop in interest and activity.

              Anyone daring to bring up or mention the CoC fiasco is banned or censored and labeled an alt-right gamergater manbaby trumpster sexist homophobe.

              Coming soon to Linux.


              • "In the interest of fostering an open and welcoming environment, we as contributors and maintainers pledge to making participation in our project and our community a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of age, body size, disability, ethnicity, sex characteristics, gender identity and expression, level of experience, education, socio-economic status, nationality, personal appearance, race, religion, or sexual identity and orientation."

                These mentally ill cultural marxists even claim that man's penis is not an anatomical organ but a social construct !

                I guess Linus and some other contributors may be quietly preparing plan B.


                • Originally posted by Jeff99 View Post
                  It is difficult for me to perceive this as something other than a partisan political power grab being made predominantly by non-key contributors in the domain.
                  Straight from the horse's mouth:

                  "Some people are saying that the Contributor Covenant is a political document, and they’re right."


                  • I'll try to avoid the "God damn SJWs ruining everything" and explain why I think this is a bad move:

                    >gender identity
                    >sexual identity

                    As another commenter said, this is controversial concept that some people can refuse. OK, if the idea is not harass someone because he believes in gender identity, or how he identifies himself there's no problem. But I can se someone demanding to be referred to as "Ze" or any other inexistent word, and the refusal to do so being denounced as harassment. And then you have a lot of drama about gender whatever, instead of focusing on the computer code. And to be honest, there's no gender on the internet. There's no need to "identity", because computer code is computer code.

                    >using welcoming and inclusive language

                    >being respectful of differing viewpoints and experiences
                    My code doesn't sucks, I just have a different viewpoint. Buffer overruns aren't that bad.

                    >focusing on what is best for the community
                    The community doesn't matter, the quality of the code is what matters.

                    >showing empathy towards other community members
                    Forced empathy is the worst thing ever, and this is a personal opinion. I hate when someone programatically puts his hand on my shoulder, looks into my eyes with empty shark eyes (they're no looking into my eyes, they're looking to the horizon because they don't care, they're pretending) and says some cliche BS. Empathy only works when you care.

                    >trolling, insulting/derogatory comments, and personal or political attacks

                    >public or private harassment
                    If one makes jokes about obeses in a forum that is not the Linux mailist, some obese contributor can denounce him for public harassment, and say his behavior is inappropriate, so he should behave as the code of conduct says OUTSIDE. See next item.

                    >other conduct which could reasonably be considered inappropriate in a professional setting
                    Subjective, and can be added to the other points to make the denounce more "solid".

                    It WILL be abused. In my opinion, the only code of conduct should be the quality of code and keep discussion on the code. Anything beyond this will bring useless discussions about behaviour, instead of discussions about the kernel.

                    But, whatever. Let's hope for the best.

                    Now that I explained my points, I can finally say:

                    GOD DAMN SJWs, THEY RUIN EVERYTHING!


                    • Originally posted by msotirov View Post
                      EDIT: seriously though, what's up with all the alt-right comments in a Linux forum? Have I woken up in some weird parallel dimension this morning?
                      If you see all comments against CoCs and the way they're usually implemented as being "alt-right" then you've clearly got your head up your backside about as heavily as the actual alt-right (i.e real white supremacists).

                      People who blindly defend CoCs employ a pretty similar straw man tactic to gun rights activists where they imply their opposition is advocating for the extreme counter-position to theirs, which in this case means no rules whatsoever on conduct relating to the project. This is, as I said, a straw man and it obviously should be dismissed as such. The fundamental issues with many, if not most CoCs is that they're practically made to be abused by defining abuse or hostile language such that it can be practically anything, including a respectful disagreement or constructive criticism, mandating heavy handed enforcement even on completely merit-less accusations and defining the scope as extending well beyond the project.

                      Really, the only sane way do deal with it is by implementing properly sane CoCs like the ones used by Ruby, PostgreSQL and now the Linux kernel. If someone just believing something controversial like biological sex and gender being the same thing makes you uncomfortable enough to not want to work with them then the issue is fundamentally with you, not them.

                      As for those saying this is the same as the FreeBSD CoC fiasco, get a grip and actually read the damn thing. It's only about half an A4 worth of text and includes language to prevent abuse by the perpetually offended.
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