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F2FS In Linux 4.19 Will Fix Big Performance Issue For Multi-Threaded Reads

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    Originally posted by discordian View Post
    not heavily, but continuously (logging + persistent counters). There's a huge difference how logbased filesystems act in this case, a SSD with ext4 would not matter for performance but multiply the amount written.
    Afaik SSDs are doing log-structured block allocation, so in practice they write on flash as if they were using a log-structured filesystem anyway.
    I don't know about eMMC but I would be surprised if they were doing differently, you don't have much choice if you want to hide the slow erase cycles of NAND.

    I don't think ext4 or NTFS would multiply that much writes. You have its own metadata changes in addition to data writes, sure, but it's not that large.