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Binutils 2.31 Slated For Fedora 29

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  • Binutils 2.31 Slated For Fedora 29

    Phoronix: Binutils 2.31 Slated For Fedora 29

    To little surprise given that Fedora Linux always strives to ship with a bleeding-edge GNU toolchain, for the Fedora 29 release this fall they are planning to make use of the yet-to-be-released Binutils 2.31...

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    *Sees mention of Binutils...has flashbacks to building Binutils, Glibc and GCC for LFS...shudders...

    The amount of time I've spent on this stuff, I really wish I understood it better. I get it in principle, but the ins and outs of linkers still seems like a dark art to me in some respects. I got LFS up-and-running once, I've had a few failed attempts at doing it since, but I'm going to give it another whirl at some point, I'm still motivated to learn more of this.


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      Binutils 2.29, gcc 8.1 and gdb 8.1 pretty much are an infernal trio of weird edgecase bugs for me.
      butils throws away global initializers, gcc colossaly messes up debug information with lto, and gdb chokes to death with it. (Reproducable but did not manage to make small examples for reports)
      hope this is all cleared up soon...