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Linux 4.18 Continues Prepping For The Year 2038

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    Originally posted by wizout View Post

    I truly hope you never end up managing life-critical systems.
    I do hope so too as having so much responsibility would be dancing around my stress threshold.

    However i think you misunderstood what I was trying to say. I never meant to say that you should remove preventions to test it out.

    I was referring to how when things are working correctly nobody gets thanked, but when things break everyone blames you. Same when the year 2038 happens, few people will thank engineers and think about the many hours that went into fixing the problem, most will just say 'Oh those pesky engineers have overblown that problem, yet barely anything happened'.
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      Originally posted by L_A_G View Post
      Really, the whole thing just boiled down to the media wanting a huge story to report and greedy consultants all too eager to take advantage of the situation.
      ^ This is true for much of what's considered "news" these days.... Who cares about facts, we have a panel of experts here to weight in with their opinions! Stay tuned, so we can influence your opinion!