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Linux 4.18 Lands Chromebook Tablet Switch Driver

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  • Linux 4.18 Lands Chromebook Tablet Switch Driver

    Phoronix: Linux 4.18 Lands Chromebook Tablet Switch Driver

    Another one of the hardware support additions for the now in-development Linux 4.18 kernel is finally the mainlining of the Chromebook Tablet Switch Driver...

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    Meanwhile most Chromebooks are riding on some flavor of the Linux 3.x kernel. Only a handful are on the 4.4 kernel and even that is 2.5 years old. It has 133 patch releases on it though at least (wow that's a lot). I wonder when they will switch to 4.14?


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      Xaero_Vincent I agree. I've got a Chromebook Plus (arm cortex a72/a53 rockchip chipset) and it's one of the few running 4.4. I recently noticed it *can* run mainline, but not reliably (it won't even boot half the time). The official chromeos git has a 4.14 branch, but I don't know if they intend to push the current devices to it or just use it for new devices. There's not a whole lot of benefit for them to update old devices to a newer kernel, they just backport everything.

      Fortunately the mainline kernel gods haven't forgotten about Chromebooks and are actively developing for them. I'm hoping I can run a mainline kernel within the coming months without playing the reboot lottery.