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MySQL 8.0 Coming To Fedora 29

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    Originally posted by uid313 View Post
    I remember a decade ago, MySQL used to have a really bad reputation.
    Was that bad reputation deserved?
    And is the criticism still relevant today?
    I believe it's still valid if you're seeking for any advanced features in other SQL engines.
    I was working on a pet project of reimplementing mlocate with SQL engine, but soon I found with MySQL/MariaDB I had to assemble the full path in C++, which can be done with Common Table Expressions in pgSQL.


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      Originally posted by gbcox View Post
      I'm actually surprised VirtualBox is still around.
      qemu + libvirt + virt-manager makes it pretty much irrelevant.


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        I said that within two weeks of release, Fedora 28 users would start talking about new packages they can use five or six months later with Fedora 29.

        Meanwhile, all the rolling releases will be queuing this up quickly.


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          Originally posted by mskarbek View Post

          Yes but I wasn't talking about forking but actual adoption of MariaDB and reasons behind it.
          Yes, but I don't believe there is any proof of "Oracle for some time stopped investing into MySQL" - unless you have minutes of their engineering or board meetings.
          When the purchase of Sun happened, there was plenty of FUD being thrown around - and it still continues today.