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Subversion 1.10 Released With LZ4 Compression, New Conflict Resolver

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    I was a long time SVN user and made the switch to git very late.

    There is much more to git as compared to SVN than just the distributed nature:
    * Far superior merging algorithm
    * Cherry-picking
    * Being able to do partial commits (git add -p … select the changes in a file you want to put into the commit)
    * Being able to append to a commit
    * Interactive rebasing, commit squashing etc.

    All of these features can be of help when you develop completely alone, only on one machine.

    And then there is this other thing, that is attributed to the distributed nature of Git, but is even the most useful when you work on your own: No need for setting up an SVN server! Putting a git repository on your server amounts to nothing more than a "git init", setting the upstream URL to something like "[email protected]:directory" and pushing. Only SSH is needed for this to work. And doing a neat one-file backup of your git repository is as simple as a "git bundle create" in your crontab.