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An Early Look At Linux 4.16 Performance On Five Systems

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    Originally posted by Michael View Post

    I didn't come up with the color. It was auto-generated by PTS when running out of other colors, albeit should enhance that logic to try to come up with a better color selection algorithm but it's a constant struggle.
    Didn't mean to seem like I was busting your walnuts. I understand the struggle. That's why I subscribed. BTW....when do I need to re-subscribe?


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      Originally posted by updatelee View Post
      How did the i5 beat the i7 in many tests?
      because the systems are completely different? the i5 has a 240gb ssd whereas the i7 has a pair of 120's which would explain the IO tests. the i5 is also clocked 100hz higher than the i7, the i7 has 6 cores vs the i5's 4 cores. the differences go on and on.

      and as the intro said, they are not comparing the systems to each other - but against themselves for the kernels


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        Originally posted by Jumbotron View Post
        No...the yelllow text is NOT hard to read. It's IMPOSSIBLE to read. Might want to rethink that color Michael. Thanks for the testing none the less. Very interesting.
        I can read it. It is annoying to read, but not impossible. Still a bad color for text on a white backgroudn.