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Solus Releases Linux Driver Management 1.0

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    Originally posted by pal666 View Post
    Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions, very helpful!


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      Originally posted by ikey_solus View Post

      Yay, conspiracy theories :P. We constantly provided details on the X.Org update, and this was eventually tracked down to a latent patch. The reasoning for folks **requiring** X.Org 1.19 was completely invalid, it doesn't magically fix tearing on any known system, and wasn't a priority (Do understand I have multiple test devices and 2 Optimus laptops)
      I was referring to the comment chain at

      Optimus and Prime Sync requires Xorg 1.19, and from what I've seen personally, it does fix screen tearing. But really I was more interested in the other minor fixes that came with 1.19 and modesetting.

      Originally posted by ikey_solus View Post
      We killed wine-staging because in general more folks wanted an up to date WINE with cherry picks of wanted features, thus we moved to RCs and quickly adopt new stable releases (i.e. we're on wine 3.0) but with the D3D9 support from staging.

      People either want staging or they don't.
      That's the comment I was referring to; I looked around for discussion prior to that and couldn't find anything. Even posted a forum post asking for more feedback here a while back:

      It's not that important now that regular Wine supports CSMT, but prior to that, Wine without CSMT was pretty much useless to me (I played a few games that need CSMT for performance), and the switch from Staging to Regular was kind of unexpected.
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        Originally posted by monraaf View Post

        Yes, they do. Heck, it's even part of the RPM spec:

        I was talking about Ubuntu (which you mentioned first), not SuSe.

        But it doesn't matter what SuSe does 'cause it's all part of RPM, as you said. Linux Driver Management, on the other hand, is distro-agnostic. It already runs on CentOS, for example.
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          Originally posted by ikey_solus View Post

          ...? We have VirtualBox, Qemu, various spice bits, GNOME Boxes, virt-manager on the VM front alone. On the VNC front there is Vinagre,
          gtk-vnc, etc. Search for rdp + vnc in the repos.
          I have had issue after issue when trying to use these. Some of them are (or were) crippled by a lack of libraries or some sort of additional software to do basic functions, like, resize the virtual drive, and allocate more memory.

          Additionally, despite my system saying that gtk-vnc and Vinagre as being installed, there is no way to actually use them. In the commandline, it's as if the programs don't even exist. I've been using Solus as my primary Linux machine for about a year now (through multiple fresh installs) and my issues have stayed a constant.
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