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Red Hat Plans To Deploy Next-Gen Stratis Storage For Fedora 28

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    Originally posted by shmerl View Post
    What's their main reason to make a new filesystem, instead of improving Btrfs or ZFS?
    "Time to market" most likely


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      Originally posted by starshipeleven View Post

      (since none has posted this, I had to)
      Thanks starshipeleven , that was sorely needed!
      Following in your footsteps I think, since nobody else has - that I have to mention the Wikipedia article on the Dunning-Kruger effect


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        Originally posted by debianxfce View Post
        Gamers do not use pulseaudio, so much it causes problems.
        Back in pre-historic times when pulse was new this was true yes, people sometimes encountered sound issues with games and idiots told them to disable pulse instead of giving them proper help to make the games work with pulse (this also happened due to older games used OSS or Alsa directly on distributions where pulse was not configured to support those interfaces).

        This has bitten then in the arse though as more and more new games are pulse only which is why you often find some single comment on steam discussions with "please add alsa support since I don't use pulse".


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          I wonder if RH called it that because it's a rampant stratification violation.


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            It is a bit weird to have a daemon for managing what is, presumably, a local filesystem, but I guess it could work out okay. Interested to see how the cache performance compares to bcache, I don't find bcache performance particularly motivating as of yet.