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Ubuntu 17.10 ISOs Officially Released

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    Originally posted by ThanosApostolou View Post
    However, at least with Ubuntu MATE 17.04 and Manjaro Xfce/MATE you still need to go to printer settings and then add and configure the printer, you just don't need to know its ip or anything because it is discovered automatically.
    This is the default behaviour of the CUPS daemon for a long time now if you have Avahi enabled, this is not related to cups-browsed.
    Originally posted by ThanosApostolou View Post
    What impressed me with Ubuntu 17.10 is that I didn't even need to add the printer through the settings. For example applications like evince were able to use the printer the moment that it was connected to the network, which can be another really good selling point (among many advantages that linux and free software has) to Windows users.
    This is what cups-browsed does, and indeed it's a really nice feature to have (and in the end I found it to work better than the above solution, except the service has to be restarted as I said). Ubuntu probably enabled it in 17.10 when it wasn't in earlier releases.