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Ubuntu Is Trying To Figure Out The Default Apps For 18.04 LTS

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  • Ubuntu Is Trying To Figure Out The Default Apps For 18.04 LTS

    Phoronix: Ubuntu Is Trying To Figure Out The Default Apps For 18.04 LTS

    Canonical is running a survey in trying to figure out what should be the default applications for next year's Ubuntu 18.04 LTS release...

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    It's more just post somewhere, not a specific survey, so I'm happy to collect results from here too..

    "we’re also reviewing some of the desktop applications we package and ship in Ubuntu. We’re looking to crowdsource input on your favorite Linux applications across a broad set of classic desktop functionality.

    We invite you to contribute by listing the applications you find most useful in Linux in order of preference. To help us parse your input, please copy and paste the following bullets with your preferred apps in Linux desktop environments. You’re welcome to suggest multiple apps, please just order them prioritized (e.g. Web Browser: Firefox, Chrome, Chromium). If some of your functionality has moved entirely to the web, please note that too (e.g. Email Client: Gmail web, Office Suite: Office360 web). If the software isn’t free/open source, please note that (e.g. Music Player: Spotify client non-free). If I’ve missed a category, please add it in the same format. If your favorites aren’t packaged for Ubuntu yet, please let us know, as we’re creating hundreds of new snap packages for Ubuntu desktop applications, and we’re keen to learn what key snaps we’re missing.
    • Web Browser: ???
    • Email Client: ???
    • Terminal: ???
    • IDE: ???
    • File manager: ???
    • Basic Text Editor: ???
    • IRC/Messaging Client: ???
    • PDF Reader: ???
    • Office Suite: ???
    • Calendar: ???
    • Video Player: ???
    • Music Player: ???
    • Photo Viewer: ???
    • Screen recording: ???"


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      • Web Browser: Firefox
      • Email Client: Don't include by default but keep one in main.
      • Terminal: mate-terminal
      • Basic Text Editor: gedit
      • IRC/Messaging Client: None by default
      • PDF Reader: evince
      • Office Suite: libreoffice
      • Video Player: vlc (although I'm pretty sure we couldn't - patents)


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        • Web Browser: dillo, firefox
        • Email Client: claws-mail
        • Terminal: rxvt
        • IDE: ???
        • File manager: pcmanfm
        • Basic Text Editor: leafpad
        • IRC/Messaging Client: pidgin
        • PDF Reader: mupdf
        • Office Suite: gnumeric/abiword, libreoffice
        • Calendar: ???
        • Video Player: mpv
        • Music Player: mpv
        • Photo Viewer: geeqie
        • Screen recording: ???


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          In these days of Internet required way of living, they should do a small with just the basics. No IDE, no dev tools, no gimp or any drawing app. This way they can keep desktop dependencies to a minimum.

          Only a browser, text editor, video player, photo viewer/gallery, and all codecs legally available. And let people download whatever extra they need.


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            dillo, claws, geeqie?!? you people are the reason we are stuck with 80s UX and UIs... Now let me guess you'll suggest vim as IDE...
            • Web Browser: firefox
            • Email Client: geary
            • Terminal: tilix
            • IDE: gnome builder(tough shouldn't be pre-installed, who needs an IDE in a vanilla experience
            • File manager: nautilus
            • Basic Text Editor: gedit
            • IRC/Messaging Client: polari
            • PDF Reader: evince
            • Office Suite: libreoffice
            • Calendar: gnome callendar
            • Video Player: mpv/gnome-mpv
            • Music Player: lollypop
            • Photo Viewer: gthumb
            • Screen recording: ???"

            some of these apps like polari and gnome callendar still lack some features but you give them 6 months with ubuntu's use base and they will get into a great shape, including some unmaintained stuff like pidgin with disastrous UX is worse than including a software which lacks some features. They at least don't look like shit and from win 98 era.


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              • Web Browser: Firefox or Chromium
              • Email Client: in-browser
              • Terminal: Guake
              • IDE: (PyCharm), Atom
              • File manager: Thunar, (Krusader)
              • Basic Text Editor: (Kate)
              • IRC/Messaging Client: none, in-browser
              • PDF Reader: evince
              • Office Suite: Libreoffice
              • Calendar: none
              • Video Player: Parole, VLC
              • Music Player: Parole
              • Photo Viewer: Ristretto
              • Screen recording: GTKRecormydesktop


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                Oh, I'm so going to do this:

                Plasma + KDE Software Compilation + Krusader

                And apparently there's limit to the number of smileys one can include in a post.


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                  Ubuntu devs have 3 ways of doing this:

                  1. What users believed. And end up with overlarge bloated iso. With a mix of gtk3, gtk2, Gnome, mate, XFCE, enlightenment dependencies. People get real.

                  2. What Gnome devs think:. Pure vanilla Gnome with a Ubuntu sticker on it.

                  3. What Ubuntu says. They run the show, so they do whatever they want and piss the people in the process.

                  On a more serious note they can do it 2 ways.
                  1. Fully embrace Gnome 3 and gtk3 apps.
                  2. Use as neutral as possible apps so when they switch desktop again in 3 years the apps can stay mostly the same.

                  I know I said serious
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                    They are really underestimating how much people love advertising their favorite apps for everything. They really should have done this survey in some automated tool that lets users add programs to a list per category and vote on them, so they can just see all the apps and all the votes at the end rather than having a huge collection of user posts on different forums to sift through.