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Fedora 27 Might Do Away With 32-Bit Kernel Builds

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    Originally posted by grok View Post
    Points taken, perhaps you need a really good SD card though that's even like an SSD-lite internally.
    There are far faster cards now
    for 30 bucks you can get a 80MB random read/write 32GB one.

    The actual speed nowadays depends from the microsd connectors on the device, that need to be able to support UHS-I (and possibly UHS-II) to get decent speeds.

    Seems raspi crappy board design limits its UHS-I controller and can't go beyond 20-30 MB/s, but still, 20-30 MB/s on random read/writes is still much better than hard drives.

    Can be overclocked though

    True but when things are completely dire you're left with super slow graphics even on the supposedly proper driver, it's also my understanding that modern things like browsers are unaccelerated anyway. OpenGL "acceleration" would even be the worst case if it happened to work for whatever thing.
    afaik VESA runs like crap on anything that isn't an i5 or better.

    You're usually better off if you install the specific framebuffer driver for your device. (it has "fb" and the device in the name, "bcm2708_fb" is the one for raspi) Then it will still load CPU, but it will be at least usable. Most stuff has a basic framebuffer driver, even total shit SiS cards or Via stuff.


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      Originally posted by grok View Post

      I don't understand this. Some are recommending an rapsberry pi, which only has 1GB RAM and cannot swap (it uses SD). Netbook with 1GB RAM + swapping on HDD will be better regarding amount of RAM + swap.

      It was so slow? Well, stop trying to do everything with a web browser perhaps? Or you had a graphics driver that doesn't work properly so you should try vesa driver instead. Also, easier to use a recent mainstream distro to sort things out and LXDE is rather "full featured" compared to icewm, fluxbox etc. while filling the low RAM low CPU niche.

      About buying a Raspberry Pi : add the SD card, HDMI monitor, USB keyboard, USB mouse. Or specialist hardware like HDMI-to-VGA
      Lol. I don't try to use a browser for everything. I always prefer native applications to anything web-based. But just trying to browse around the Internet is almost unbearable. Websites these days are very "heavy" and resource intensive. You can barely run two applications at the same time. That slows everything down even more. And no my graphics driver is fine. It is Intel graphics. Vesa would be even worse as it has no hardware acceleration. The old CPU is a huge bottleneck.