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Debian Installer Stretch Hits Its Final RC

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    Originally posted by debianxfce View Post
    I know that editing some conf files you can use journal without sudo. It is same same shit software than everything from redhat, that does not work out of box way you like. pulseaudio, gnome3 and networkmanager you can not even fix, design is bad, it uses notifications from the sw layer below and user have no control down to the hw.
    I am no expert, but I think you can manage user group memeberships in the GUI.
    It was possible on Linux Mint, Fedora, and it is possible on openSUSE as well.

    Managing these correctly can be a PITA, but I would much rather set up everything myself than have some bad factory defaults applied that give a ton of memberships to the default user.
    It would completely defeat the very purpose of having user groups.
    It would be the same as your much coveted login-without-a-password "feature": completely invalidating a part of the system.
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