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OpenSUSE Tumbleweed Rolls In Linux 4.11, KDE Applications 17.04

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    Originally posted by Griffin View Post
    with Gnome giving a corporate class experience. Stability and so on..
    Funny how my Gnome experience was full of instability, breaking quite often. Yet KDE after 8 months of Gnome pain has been much nicer(Using it since 5.8). To be fair, some of the issues I experienced may have been due to xorg or DM bugs at the time. Many were Gnome related though, between 3.18-3.22 I think one of the stable releases came out but had some major problem that was somehow missed before release(patched after a couple days). Cursor would often disappear when resuming from suspend, right click context menu's were offset quite a bit from the cursor or offset was moved to top left of desktop...if the DE was left idle long enough (no lock or suspend) it'd lock up, sometimes this even happened while I was using the desktop, some times this could be fixed by switching tty if possible and trying something like restarting mutter. Mutter wasn't able to recover the session and forced the DE to start a new one losing all my work, Kwin on the other hand in the few times I had to use this back around 5.8 recovered the session fine. Dat stability tho, praise Gnome.


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      great distribution! highly recommend it!