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Systemd-Free Debian Fork Devuan Releases Its Second Beta

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    Originally posted by duby229 View Post

    And to this day you still haven't explained why for decades shell scripting on init was considered one of the very best features sysvinit provided. And then suddenly when the systemd fanboyism started it was a magically evil thing. Why?

    Why exactly do you think one of the most advanced and flexible features linux distributions provide is somehow "dumb"? If you think systemd's init scripting capabil;ities is on par with openrc you should think again and study that topic some before spouting made up bullshit that is essentially equal to a lie..
    Easy to answer. Because people apparently get gradually stupider overall and start needing dumbing-down on things more and more.. It's one of the effects of the advancing civilization.

    Hundred-two hundred years a go, educated people could actually speak Latin plus bunch of other languages and had read great works of ancient philosophers. Now you are lucky if new generations coming out of universities holding a bachelors degree are able to read and write in it's own language without doing seven mistakes in three words and have WILLINGLY ever read through a single book. It's even worse for ones who never went to universities. Narrow world view, little knowledge about things, "I want it easy" attitude, mental lazyness etc.
    You need to start dumbing-down on things in order to have them understand. It's noticeable on every level of life.
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