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Ubuntu 9.04 Is The Jaunty Jackalope

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  • Ubuntu 9.04 Is The Jaunty Jackalope

    Phoronix: Ubuntu 9.04 Is The Jaunty Jackalope

    There's still a month left until the Intrepid Ibex is released (or perhaps better known as Ubuntu 8.10), but Mark Shuttleworth has begun outlining the plans for the next Ubuntu release. Following Ubuntu 8.10 "Intrepid Ibex" will be.....

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    As nice as that stuff sounds, does that strike anyone as what Ubuntu needs?

    They've already spead the boot speed up lots, faster than WinXP except on a freshest of fresh installs.

    And blurring the line between web application and desktop? How wooly a statement is that??

    I know it's not exactly simple-desktop-user centric, but I really think it's about time RAID, LVM and dm-crypt support was added to ubiquity.

    Saying that, I'm sure it'll be great and I always look forward to advancements in the finest OS I've ever had the pleasure to use.



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      hm, I'd love to see what kind of work they plan on doing to speed up boot.

      It's not terribly hard to make it insanely fast, just nobody's really done it.

      For example pushing detection of just about anything over to udev and doing it after boot, starting up X early and having it hotplug devices as they come up etc.

      I also noticed upstart is looking into adding a "LATER" service level, to start after everything else has been started, simple thing really, something I've done personally for ages with custom init scripts.

      Another thing I do is run a custom auditd daemon that monitors all files accessed during boot, to preload them on next boot, while usb detection etc is being done, it's not hard to do, someone just has to take the initiative and do it.


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        I rather have a slow boot than not being able to use my desktop right away becouse of som services starting after X.

        But thats just me.


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          Mark has also announced actual upstream collaboration for Ubuntu 25.10. Great news (sorry for that one, couldn't resist)

          As for the boot time, I personally don't care, I only boot once a day (and have to type passwords) so I don't think saving 10s there is going to make any difference for me (if it did, I would be buying a SSD right away).


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            boot speed it not really important when it comes to desktop pcs.

            i liked april's fools when someone said next ubuntu would be "jumping jackass"


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              Originally posted by danjeel View Post
              I rather have a slow boot than not being able to use my desktop right away becouse of som services starting after X.

              But thats just me.
              Incredibly easy to work around though, most services dont need to be started right away, and can be started when the computer is idle/semi idle/at low priority.


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                I'm confused by such focus on boot times also.

                But, you never know, might one of those really nice things that attracts everyone.


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                  A fast boot time is great for laptops, especially netbooks.

                  And since netbooks are the latest trend...


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                    Driver developers also think fast boot is extremely important
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