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Manjaro 16.06 RC1 Polishes Xfce 4.12, Linux 4.4 LTS

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  • Manjaro 16.06 RC1 Polishes Xfce 4.12, Linux 4.4 LTS

    Phoronix: Manjaro 16.06 RC1 Polishes Xfce 4.12, Linux 4.4 LTS

    The first release candidate to the upcoming Manjaro 16.06 "Daniella" release is now available...

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    Best Linux ever.. easy as ubuntu, without that PPA crap but with archs AUR and weekly updates instead of 6 month/2years ... after 7 years of Kubuntu, Manjaro is my new home


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      Originally posted by debianxfce View Post

      Technically Debian is better, more development and testing resources, platforms, installer options and larger and robust update infrastructure.
      Debian testing/unstable is a rolling release distribution that gets updates almost every day. You update when ever you want and whatever you want when using Debian testing.

      1. It's not "technically better" in any sense and you haven't given any sane and logical reason that would convince me otherwise.
      2. Debian testing isn't a full rolling release. It's merely a cyclical rolling release. As is unstable. Neither is what you'd want to install on a regular, supported device (that is, in an office or as part of an OEM effort, e. g.)
      3. Updating "whatever you want, whenever you want" isn't even the idea or supposed benefit behind rolling releases. The idea is to update frequently.


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        And now these unapproved messages actually come up. :-(
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          Holy Moly. Is it a playground? Or a d*** contest?

          I got to test Manjaro (15.12 Gnome Community Edition) a couple months back and I really enjoyed the experience, so I wanted to install it again on the same test partition to get more used to it, but now I can't get it to boot.

          Grub is broken after installation. After repairing it, I do have Manjaro listed in Grub selection but when initiating boot, it doesn't find anything to boot on. The main OS (Ubuntu 16.04) boots normally.

          I tried with Manjaro Gnome 15.12 and and the Gnome 16.04 Development Edition, but the issue remains the same. I'd love to have it up and running again to tinker with it...

          PS: This message has been unapproved no less than 5 times! I had to submit a bogey message to be edited...


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            Originally posted by debianxfce View Post
            Debian testing is rolling release, its gets updates every weeks.
            'cept when it isn't and doesn't (on every freeze prior to a new Debian stable release).

            Debian testing more stable as stable, about 400 bugs in both but stable will break with testing and unstable packages, testing not.
            Do you actually know the meaning of stable? The idea is to have a stable, versioned framework to build upon.
            Of course stable will break if you add untested, cutting edge packages to it!

            In Debian dependency mechanism is the best, its has the longest history and allows partial or full updates. So Debian testing Xfce is the best distro in the linux world.
            In a world in which every existing solution basically sucks equally, being the best out of the worst isn't exactly an achievement.