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Fedora 24 Beta Looks Nice, But Will They Ever Stop Mucking Up Anaconda?

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    Late reply, just got back from holiday. So, a few notes:

    1) We don't just run around changing stuff in anaconda for the hell of it. We change stuff to support new hardware or new requirements (e.g. the Server/Workstation/Cloud split was quite disruptive to anaconda, but everyone seems to like it), or to fix bugs.

    2) anaconda does a *hell* of a lot more than any other distro installer. Primarily in the area of storage support. It can handle things other installers (including ubiquity and calamares) would have no idea what to do with, like FCoE and multipath and RAID-on-LVM. anaconda also supports installation across a lot of platforms, which adds a lot of complexity in bootloader management (though to be fair I guess Debian also has to support that, though I don't know any details of how it does it). These are features Red Hat customers require. They *do* make the installer much more complex, though, and of course the more complex any code base is the more prone to bugs it is.

    3) this is still a Beta. It's gonna have bugs, that's why we ship it - to find bugs and fix them. It would help an awful lot if, when you hit an anaconda crash, you'd click the 'report bug' button and send a report to Bugzilla. Then we'd get a nice bug report with all the relevant logs and the complete traceback, which is what we need to have a hope in hell of fixing it. We certainly have absolutely no hope in hell of fixing it from a screenshot showing a small extract from the storage log. We can't even categorically state that it's a new bug (sorry sgallagh, you're wrong :>)

    4) anaconda's quality has in fact increased hugely in the last couple of cycles, as a result of the introduction of a couple of forms of automated testing for it: openQA and kickstart-tests ( ). If you look at the blocker bug lists from F20 to now, the proportion that are in anaconda decreases hugely over that span.