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Fedora 24 Alpha Is Looking Great, Running Well

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    Fedora Workstation is the distro i come back too whenever i ragequit my distrohopping spree and just want to get back to a working system with minimal hassle. For example i tried Manjaro KDE couple days ago. Picked german keyboard and everything, next reboot i have a US keyboard. Not in settings mind you, but in effect. Everything from localectl command to /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/00-keyboard.conf to KDE settings tells me im running a german keyboard. But im not, its a US one.

    I even know what the issue is. It gets inherited from sddm and prolly is related to my logitech unifying receiver which has known issues with localisation. But honestly, if not even localisation of keyboard works out of the box ... To be perfectly frank that shit worked fine back in debian potato, i do NOT have the nerves to deal with issues like that anymore.

    Next i tried opensuse kde. Same issue, screw it. Append "setxkbmap de" to /usr/share/sddm/scripts/Xsetup and it'll work, its a hack but whatever. So i installed firefox and tried youtube and ... WTF. Sound is broken. Plays in "slowmotion", system sounds aswell. I'm using a broadwell intel chip and piping sound over HDMI, how can it be broken? So yeah, back to Fedora and you know what?

    Gdm + Gnome + Systemd just works. My keyboard is german, my sound is doing fine and setting up gnome how i like it takes like 5 min. Updates are completely painless since im doing them as i shut down the system in the evening, thanks to systemd offline updates, which is the SANE way to update a system. Just because you can overwrite files of running programs doesn't make that a good idea.
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