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OpenMandriva Is Working On A Server Linux Distribution

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  • OpenMandriva Is Working On A Server Linux Distribution

    Phoronix: OpenMandriva Is Working On A Server Linux Distribution

    OpenMandriva has largely been a desktop-focused Linux distribution but now apparently they have set their sights on assembling a server offering...

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    They still exist?

    But more to the point, WTF is wrong with them? Get segfaults running docker on CentOS, don't bother debugging the problem, fixing it, and submitting patches upstream (i.e., the EASY way that actually does some good)... but rather FORKIT.

    I hope that nobody is stupid enough to actually use their heaping pile of uncertain-future-support mess.

    Rule #1 for a server: If you aren't capable of maintaining EVERYTHING yourself, pick a responsible, reliable, stable distro. From my point of view, that means NOTHING outside of RHEL/CentOS. Debian proper is certainly an option, but it is so much more hands on that it falls under the "else" condition.


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      Debian is a lot more stable than centos. centos is the buggiest distro ever created. RHEL is fine. Fedora too is more buggy than ubuntu. I use debian as a desktop and as a server.

      Seems that people have gotten crazy with centos. everybody wants to run centos but centos has only one main developer and the whole team consists of 6 people.
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