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OpenSUSE 42.1 Tweaked For Better Out-Of-The-Box Performance

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  • OpenSUSE 42.1 Tweaked For Better Out-Of-The-Box Performance

    Phoronix: OpenSUSE 42.1 Tweaked For Better Out-Of-The-Box Performance

    Back in September I posted Fedora vs. openSUSE vs. Manjaro vs. Debian vs. Ubuntu vs. Mint Linux Benchmarks. Of that six-way Linux distribution comparison, several Phoronix readers complained that I was somehow anti-openSUSE or that testing out-of-the-box distribution performance isn't right, since openSUSE 42.1 Leap tended to lose the most in that testing. Well, thanks to those tests, the out-of-the-box performance for openSUSE 42.1 is now going to be better...

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    So we changed the rule and now we're using Deadline for SSDs. On The SSDs that like NOOP its not as fast as it could be, but its a much nicer default
    seems like it might be a good idea to identify what schedulers work best on what SSDs and set it appropriately?


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      You're being unfair to SUSE! I kid... mostly. Anyway I think they probably intend, after keeping a bit of an eye on some of the changes they've been making on the OBS stuff and package QA... openQA etc, they will be doing a continuous integrations approach to benchmarks. Yep, benchmarks are sort of like profilers for what's going slow/sucking and what needs attention, at the user experience level almost, but of course the SSD thing could actually still slip through unless they have a wide flavouring of hardware. So things like the SSD stuff could actually still slip by. Still though, a metrics based approach to "how will this feel to the user, speed wise" is going to be a nice thing to add in. Now if only firefox figured out wth makes it so sluggish with tabs/flash with similiar metrics... rather than having their profiler completely miss what I can record with a camera...