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Debian 8.2 Released, Debian 7.9 Too

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    I switched to Debian Sid from Ubuntu alphas due to worries about the Snappy transition. Yes, it is usual that updates are always partial, this is no big deal. As for GCC5, that just meand bringing packages into my systems as they became installable and did not segfault. I have all of MATE build locally with gtk3, only mate-system-monitor even needed a rebuild for gcc5. Compiz was a pleasant surprise: As it is a C++ program I expected it to break and require a rebuild but my previous build (of a special version for gtk3.16 and gtk3.17) worked fine. Rebuilt anyway, works fine that way too.


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      The nomodeset does not help, it only prevents that X is not loaded from the Kernel so you end up with only a command line on your screen.
      Installing the latest drivers only doesn't solve either the problems. What needed is you have to first install the latest Linux images/Kernels, so you have to install Linux Kernel 4.0/4.1 or higher else Nvidia's Geforce GTX 960 will not work.