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Ubuntu 7.10 vs. 8.04 Benchmarks

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    Having made the plunge and put the current cut of Hardy on a less used box, I'm of mixed opinions on things.

    It's definitely pretty. Little doubt of that. Some things seem snappier.

    Unfortunately, with something that, with updates, is just shy of what they're claiming is the RC deadline for this thing by 3 days, it's got some very disturbing problems.

    Let's start off with annoyances...

    • Sound dies within a couple of minutes of use, never to come back.
    • When the sound's dead, any applications relying on sound HANG on exit, needing to be kill -9'd

    • Installation and execution of only a few apps works- problem shows up with the latest tweak-set of the kernel.

    I just had a hard lock-up on the system (Unresponsive, didn't close and restart X on a ctrl-alt-bksp; no ability to SSH into the machine...).

    This is a bit disconcerting for something that's supposed to be 3 days away from an RC for what they're going to claim is an LTS version.