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Fedora's FESCo Makes A Bold Move To Try To Release Fedora 22 On Time

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    Originally posted by hansdegoede View Post
    Correct, Fedora 22 will ship with gcc-5, and any packages which have been updated after gcc-5 was added will be build with gcc-5, the only thing which will not happen is to use c++-11
    mode when building c++ code. gcc will support c++-11 mode, but the distro c++ packages will not be build with it, as that would require a mass rebuild.

    Michael can you please update the article to reflect this, the current article is a bit misleading.
    As far as I see (fedora-devel), mass rebuild request was denied.
    Without it, pushing gcc 5.0 is crazy talk (I maintain a couple of packages written in C++).

    You sure? Do you have a link?

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