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Ubuntu 14.10 Officially Released

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    Window list extension is in gnome-shell-extensions package

    Originally posted by Panix View Post
    How do you get the 'window list' extension?

    Sounds like I should install MATE desktop - it will run fine on Unbuntu that already has GNOME installed (DE)? Also, I haven't upgraded to 14.10, yet. Has anyone done so recently? How was the process? Thanks.
    In newer versions of gnome-shell, the "gnome-shell-extensions" package contains the window list plugin by default. The only thing you can do with the full Frippery suite in an older GNOME 3 install that you cannot now do with the upstream GNOME extensions package is move the clock, as of GNOME 3.12


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      Compiz-MATE update: Emerald no longer needed with newest updates

      I do not know if it was the last round of Compiz updates in Utopic or some MATE or GNOME update in Vivid (which I now follow) but I found out by accident this week that compiz's native gtk-window-decorator is now respecting window manager preferences set somewhere. The button order comes from GNOME in org.gnome.desktop.wm.preferences , I suppose that is also where the window manager GTK theme (I think using GTK3 now) used by gtk-window-decorator is read from. At the moment gnome-tweak-tool can set the theme but not the buttons, so dconf-editor is all that is worth installing anyway as you will have to use it to set up your min/max/close buttons.

      Thus, emerald is no longer necessary, though I am keeping it installed in case this breaks again or GNOME decides to stop supporting non-GNOME apps that don't use client side window decoration and Compiz gets to the point of only reading Unity.