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Debian init discussion in Phoenix Wright format

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  • Debian init discussion in Phoenix Wright format

    Since Luke_Wolf suggested it: here's a thread dedicated to my endeavour to convert the whole Debian init discussion into a series of Ace Attorney (Phoenix Wright) "cases". I'm using Ace Attorney Online for all of them (started off in version 5, but now using the beta of version 6, hence midway through the cases you can notice the text starting to move faster and screen transitions appear ). They are largely non-interactive (you don't present anything, only the cross-examinations have "press" buttons, you continue by pressing the last statement in the cross-examination).

    At the moment of writing I have four cases, of which the first two are finished, the third is nearly finished and the fourth is in development.
    Case 1 (investigation):
    Case 2 (opinion statements):
    Case 3 (opinion statements and policy):
    Case 4 (voting preparations, possibly voting itself):

    In general this serves a dual purpose: infotainment and satire. The statements you see there are shortened versions of posts on this page, with as little reinterpretation as possible (some statements are direct quotes), aside from some occasional additions to make the discussion flow better in this format. Characters were chosen in a way that the left (defence) side is more pro-systemd, the right (prosecution) side is pro-Upstart, and the middle (witness) are more neutral or not part of the TC (while people with lower relevance are cat into "P. gallery"). Cross-examinations are used as a way to structurise the discussions that are otherwise known as "quote wars" (mostly used for opinion statements so far). The dates you see are somewhat approximate, due to some newer posts being attached to older ones to help flow (also due to timezone differences). I typically split cases after 500 tiles (but they build up a bit more due to new mailing list posts referencing old ones).

    At the moment I got to the point where investigation and opinions are over and voting starts. Oh, and Keith Packard should be introduced in the very near future, in case 4. Exciting times! I also just recently added a lot more objections into the end of case 3.

    I guess I'll also use this thread to post updates and links to new cases.

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    And now I have Keith in the fourth case. Also a lot of exposition from Ian. Which means case 4 definitely won't have the voting in it, because I'm already at 400 tiles.

    I'm also getting further through January. Slowly but surely...

    All links are the same.


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      Just hit the 500 tile mark, so the current topic set for case 4 is now final. That also means I'll be adding the finishing touches to case 3 some time soon as well, after which case 5 starts.


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        And now case 3 is final. I'll start working on case 5 soon. Will probably separate Tollef Fog Heen from the Peanut Gallery starting from this, as with the news his plot relevance has risen quite a bit.


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          Michael can we get this stickied?


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            Someone should make a game based on this story. Add some conspiracies, change the names, and you have a 20-hour detective masterpiece.


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              And now started work on part 5:
     is your first and best source for all of the information you’re looking for. From general topics to more of what you would expect to find here, has it all. We hope you find what you are searching for!

              This will contain the position statement of Andreas Barth, and hopefully get to the voting. It also features Tollef Fog Heen now.


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                Yeap, Barth's position statement is in. But, sigh, I don't think the voting will actually make it to part 5. I'm already through a half of a part's worth of tiles, and there's still lots to go through...


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                  Oh snap! Looks like most of those messages actually had to go to part 4, so I still have 2/5 space in part 5 to fit in the first voting. Which is what I'm going to do now!


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                    And part 5 is now mostly done (I still haven't sorted out the music and transitioning out of cross-examinations, but otherwise it's in feature freeze), voting and all. I'm going to polish part 4 and then go to part 6 now. Hopefully I can fit in the second voting in part 6; though there are a lot of messages discussing nothing but what ballot to vote on...