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Debian Is Back To Discussing Init Systems, Freedom of Choice

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    Originally posted by demosthenese View Post
    Choice was never a problem for the last 18 years - it was sysV or sysV. Why is having the choice of a plethora of init systems so important now?
    For the past decade or so you certainly could switch to a different init system. Nothing much depended on the particular init system you chose other than init scripts, and those are all LSB-compliant in Debian these days anyway. Actually taking advantage of this was a bit of a niche activity requiring out-of-tree packages - at least if you don't count the switch to upstart in Ubuntu and to systemd in Debian, and you probably should count those because they wouldn't be practical if Debian were tightly locked to a single init - but it was definitely possible. For a while I actually ran an experimental init replacement under Gentoo that had more in common with systemd than sysV, and I know there were Debian users of it too.


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      I see little reason to be hopeful that people will move forward, but the voting is at an end.


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        If antigay bigots don't like systemd

        Originally posted by dungeon View Post
        True reason is: Gnome became linux worst decease and it is for about 5 years Those admins remember things... i believe it started here:

        That is what i think, around month later De Icaza get award from Microsoft 2 years later he say Linux is killed by Apple, one year later he use (Mac) OS_X.

        In the meantime only gays left around Gnome and it is imposibile to argue with those, that is why people getting sick - it is not just systemd, it is Gnome Foundation - place where gays have full command
        If antigay bigots hate systemd, that is a reason TO use Systemd in my judgement, and also confirms my judgement that systemd's devs are being bullied. Look at the damage this bullying has done to Debian. This post also makes me want to switch my session back to GNOME3 with the "window list" extension, except that purely technical issues mean MATE fits my workflow better on big, high-powered desktops. I've spent the last few days fine tuning my "UbuntuStudio-Legacy" theme for GTK3. Oh well, at least this bullying hasn't driven people to suicide like the antigay harassment in the schools is known to do. Once again I am proud to stand with those being victimized by hate.
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