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Early Ubuntu 8.04 Alpha Benchmarks

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  • Early Ubuntu 8.04 Alpha Benchmarks

    Phoronix: Early Ubuntu 8.04 Alpha Benchmarks

    Ubuntu 8.04 Alpha 2 is due out tomorrow, and while we'll have more extensive testing as the Hardy Heron release nears in April, today we are publishing our first -- very initial -- benchmarks of Ubuntu 8.04 using the 12-19-2007 daily build and comparing these results to Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon. These tests are focused upon OpenGL gaming, encoding, disk, and memory performance.

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    Hardy is only very slightly slower which might be improved with some tweaking. What really interests me is how much the 2.6.24 kernel might have improved battery life...


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      Ubuntu's kernel is pretty nice in the stable 7.10 release, but I noticed it can be a tag sluggish sometimes. Especially compared to OpenSuSE 10.3, but Novell did backport drivers with their entire subsystems and includes a LOT of patches for latency etc. by default. IMO this makes it a wee bit more unstable on the userland side as compared to Ubuntu.

      Nonetheless, it would be interesting to see a distrobution shootout between Ubuntu and SuSE

      Strange how Doom 3 was a tad slower, but ET was faster? Is this a known issue with the NVidia driver or result of an aging Doom 3 release perhaps?


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        I think the benchmarks used are a little weird because those things are really not that distribution dependent. They are just kernel/driver benchmarks. Of course most people use the distributions stock kernel...

        Interesting (for me at least) would be to know such things as how fast Hardy boots (test w/ bootchart) when compared to Gutsy or actual software performance with real programs, not something as straight forward as encoding which should have very little to do with the distribution used.

        Just my two cents.