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  • New Fedora Name

    For a few days now on the fedora-marketing-list has been proposals for the new names for future Fedora releases. It doesn't look like we will have a vanilla "Fedora Core 7" release.

    Among the names brought up in the messages:

    Fedora Sever Linux 7
    Fedora GDesktop Linux 7
    Fedora KDesktop Linux 7
    Fedora XFDesktop Linux 7
    Fedora gnome-Zod
    Fedora KZod
    Fedora XFZod
    Fedora eZod
    Fedora Synergy
    Fedora Collection
    Fedora Server Linux 7 (Naugahyde)
    Fedora Desktop Linux 7 (Naugahyde)
    Fedora Akiqsruun
    Fedora Promise
    Fedora Covenant

    Starting Message --
    Michael Larabel

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    Hmm. What's wrong with something simple, like Fedora Desktop? Personally, I think something like Fedora GDesktop Linux 7 is just foolish. "Fedora Collection"... lol.

    Fedora Linux 7 works for me. I think in general, if Linux -really- wants to hit the desktop market then the names shouldn't sound so geeky, like "Fedora XFDesktop Linux 7". Normal people will look at that and walk away.


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      I personally would not be a fan of GDesktop, XFDesktop, etc...

      I also would like to see it be Fedora Desktop, Fedora Server, etc... or perhaps even Fedora DE (Desktop Edition) WS (Work Station) or some other acronym.

      Greg DK did a nice job describing partly the reason for the naming change:
      Michael Larabel