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An Ubuntu MATE Desktop Spin Might Still Materialize

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    Originally posted by johnc View Post
    Basically it doesn't require a re-install to a new distro.

    The corollary also holds... why install Mint when you can just install Ubuntu?
    Or... why install Ubuntu when you can just install Linux Mint?


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      Originally posted by bison View Post
      Or... why install Ubuntu when you can just install Linux Mint?
      Yeah I think that question was already asked. Thanks for bringing it full circle though.


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        Originally posted by wargames View Post
        Yes, there is something Xfce doesn't have: active development (and don't go and look at their git repository, because almost all recent activity has to do with translations).
        In the case of long standing and mature projects, a lack of regular code changes does not necessarily mean the project is in decline, rather, as in the case of Xfce, it is a sign of software excellence.

        You see, unlike the situation for some other DE's, Xfce users are happy, with Xfce.


        On topic; as others have said, it's called Linux Mint MATE edition.

        Why Michael only makes mention of Mint amongst a list of other distributions that MATE is easily installable on, i don't know. One could surmise that his general knowledge of Linux distros is lacking. Perhaps he doesn't realise Mint is still a distro that uses Ubuntu binary repos, or maybe thinks Mint only offers the Cinnamon environment and is unaware that the MATE edition features with equal prominence on Mint's download page.

        (@Michael: i don't intend offence, merely pointing out how your lack of including this info could be perceived.)


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          Originally posted by enfocomp View Post
          Ubuntu is definitely the best distro for new full time Linux users switching from Windows / Mac.
          Yes, in an alternate reality where Mint doesn't exist


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            There's already a solution for those who hate Unity as a desktop environment on their Ubuntu setup:

            replace unity by mate