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    Originally posted by phill1978 View Post
    I take your point but i find KDE works slower because it is visually cluttered. Not to mention waiting for an effect to finish or dolphin to pop up is slower.
    When you look at what KDE ultimately is versuse its alternatives/competitors, you can't expect miracles out of it. People who use KDE don't use it because of how lightweight and super snappy it is. People use it because they're looking for an all encompassing, full featured desktop instead of the alternatives. The alternatives being GNOME 3 which falls under a similar use case just without any sense of usability for serious work. There's Cinnamon which is fine if you don't mind getting into that fractured desktop feeling.

    Personally, I use KDE (and I'm new to it, even) because outside of personal use where I could basically use anything, I mostly use Linux for work. I can't be bothered to fight GNOME, have to babysit and cherry pick software under XFCE (same with Cinnamon in this argument), or deal with something like Openbox. I need and warrant something more akin to a work environment and for me, KDE does this with flying colours.