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Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Adds Support For Local Menus

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    Originally posted by Andrecorreia View Post
    i?m with manjaro linux now, and i miss the menus in the bar, better space for laptop screen, using local menus is a wast of space in small screen
    it cant be a waste of space, your removing a line on window but adding a line on top... same thing diff place.
    what they did now puting it on tittle however does save space if only they would remove top that is :P


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      export UBUNTU_MENUPROXY=0 was working for years.

      About missing vertical space, it may be better to ask the manufacturers for 4:3 screen. Maybe we can get that after all the people that use a computer only to watch some movie have switched to a tablet.


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        Unity is awsome!! It is getting better and better..


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          Originally posted by TheSoulz View Post
          it cant be a waste of space, your removing a line on window but adding a line on top... same thing diff place.
          what they did now puting it on tittle however does save space if only they would remove top that is :P
          this++; again the notion that Global menus save space is utterly bunk and seems to me to stem from seeing greater vertical height on macs due to them using 16:10 as opposed to 16:9 and then thinking that it's the global menu as opposed to a difference in screen ratio


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            Originally posted by Sonadow View Post
            I'd prefer for designers and developers to put more effort on side menus instead of the traditional top-down menus since all mainstream display resolutions have huge amounts of horizontal space but just too little vertical space to spare.

            Something like a ribbon but on the side will work well.
            You can already do that by customising toolbars in KDE. Many programs (like Dolphin) include a toolbar button to call the main menu for accessing things that don't have a dedicated toolbar button.


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              Originally posted by Luke_Wolf View Post
              Hopefully this will help to end the madness of Global menus coming back into the mainstream (at least in linux), they save absolutely no space (despite what some may think, they only give the appearance of saving space on macs because of the difference between 16:9 and 16:10 monitors, while not actually saving any because you're using a line of text regardless, moving the panel over onto the left or right side and putting the menu bar in the title bar does however save vertical space) and make it more difficult to deal with more than one application at a time, and causes extra mouse travel with applications that aren't full screened while providing no benefits over menus being local to the application.
              You seem not to understand how this menu works.

              When the window is not minimized you remove the menubar and move it to the top. In the actual application window you now have the space that was occupied previously by the menu bar.

              When the window is maximized, in a normal DE, you'd get the title bar+menu bar. In Unity, the title bar becomes the menu bar, thus you save that bit of space which would be occupied by the title bar.

              And no, it's not the same as on Mac OS X. The title bar of the window will be there when the window is maximized, so they (Apple) *do* waste space.
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                My biggest concern regarding globals menus is not only more mouse travel, but usability issue that is hidding UI elements. UI elements should not hide and reveal, they should be always there and make thema appear as diabled based on context if appropiate.

                Global menus could only make sense on small screens, like netbooks, but the use case is ok only if they behave like MacOS, where they're never hidden. They do save one like of text, as the top bar is anayway always there for notifications.

                However, I'd had to save vertical screen space I'd remove the top bar all together and put notifications on the bottom corner of the sidebar. Then use a local menu on the title bar in the style of Firefox on Windows.


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                  It's funny to see how everyone that complains about the global menus doesn't
                  know how it works and are complaining on something that never happens.

                  This is how it looks when maximized, only 26px are used on the height.


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                    For an even clearer comparison:

                    I have a feeling that people talking about how Unity "does not save space" don't use it and therefore don't understand how some things work. That, of course, does not stop them from writing inane things on forums.


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                      Originally posted by TheSoulz View Post
                      Heres how i imagine unity:

                      Side bar and top autoajust depenidng how many icons they are holding, and when a window does fullscreen side bar hides.
                      Right now theres alot of wasted space and this would be the best case senario in my mind.
                      i have quite a similar setup on my pc with xfce